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Gift yourself Nova Launcher Prime for $1 (or less) this holiday season

With over 50 million installs, Nova clearly leads the launcher clan, and the reason for that general approval is nothing short of its plethora of customization options. If you’ve been patiently waiting for a deal to unlock more premium-tier features, now is the time to hit that buy button, as the developer is being a bit generous for the holiday season. Nova Launcher Prime can be bought for just $1 in the US, while those living elsewhere can save even more.

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Dark mode for Google Discover pane arrives in Nova Launcher 6.1, plus numeric dots and more [APK Download]

Nova Launcher just received a new update, v6.1, which adds the awesome and coveted dark mode for the Google Discover pane. It also gets numeric dots for notification badges without the need for TeslaUnread, an undo bar when removing desktop items, and more.

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Nova Launcher v6.0 stable is rolling out to the Play Store with searchable settings, icon resizing for all, and more [APK Download]

It's been nearly seven months since Nova Launcher v6.0-beta 1 was released in early August 2018, and now it's time for the stable version to hit the masses. TeslaCoil Software began rolling out v6.0 stable of its popular custom launcher to the Play Store yesterday, and it comes with a fairly lengthy list of enhancements and new features. If for some reason you still don't see the latest version of Nova in the Play Store, APK Mirror has the cure for your impatience.

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Huawei shipped over 200 million smartphones this year, despite growing government concern

This year has been a tumultuous one for Huawei. The company launched one good smartphone after the other, whether on the low end of the spectrum with the Nova series, or in the high-end market with its P20 and Mate 20 series. It also faced stiff regulatory opposition and found itself caught in the midst of a political/economical war between the US and China. From seeing its deals to enter the US market vanish with AT&T and Verizon to having its CFO arrested in Canada, the rollercoaster of Huawei's 2018 hasn't slowed down. But the company is ending its year on a high note and with one number worth celebrating: it shipped over 200 million smartphones in 2018.

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Nova Launcher 6.0 beta 5 can launch Google Assistant directly from the search widget [APK download]

Nova Launcher 6.0 beta 5 just launched yesterday, and while not a major update, it does include a couple of notable features. First, as the title of this post says, you can now launch the full Google Assistant directly from the search widget on the homescreen. It's not enabled by default, though, so you'll have to go digging into the settings to locate the slightly obscure toggle. To do so, launch the Nova Settings apps, go to 'desktop,' hit 'search bar style' about halfway down the list, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the following menu. You'll see to the right of the 'Voice search' toggle is now a drop-down menu with the options 'Classic' and 'Assistant.' Classic is the old Google voice actions interface that then launches the Assistant depending on the initiated action, whereas the new Assistant option will launch the full Assistant interface instantly.

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Nova Launcher v6.0 beta adds search to settings and many more customization options [APK Download]

TeslaCoil has just released its first Nova Launcher update in three months. Version 6.0-beta1 is here with a very long changelog, most of which concerns additional customization options. But with Nova being a custom launcher, that's not entirely unexpected. We also have the APK over on APK Mirror if you need it.

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Huawei Nova 3 has four cameras, a Kirin 970 SoC, 6GB of RAM, and an affordable price

Huawei has a tendency of overcrowding various Asian and European markets with fairly similar devices released both under the company’s own name and the online-focused Honor sub-brand. But the all-new Nova 3 certainly feels special, even if it looks a lot like the P20... and the Honor 10.

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Nova Launcher update fixes Android P DP2 compatibility issues

If you’re a Nova Launcher fan running the second Android P Developer Preview, you may have noticed that the two don’t play nicely together and temporarily switched to another launcher. Now you can switch back because the latest Nova update is here to quash those compatibility issues.

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Nova Launcher just hit 50 million downloads on the Play Store

It's not often that apps that aren't made by a giant company or preloaded reach a threshold as monumental as 50 million downloads, but TeslaCoil Software's Nova Launcher, everyone's favorite custom launcher, has gone ahead and done just that. That's seriously impressive.

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[Update: Icon inconsistencies fixed] Nova Launcher beta 5.5 finally brings adaptive icons support

One thing's sure, TeslaCoil Software is incredibly prolific. Hot on the heels of the recent Sesame Shortcuts, Nova Launcher has just added one more awesome feature: adaptive icons. V5.5-beta1 of the popular launcher allows those of us still waiting for Android 8.0 Oreo to enjoy a little taste of adaptive icons a bit early.

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