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Nova Launcher beta brings Android O's notification dots

One of Android O's newly announced features at I/O is notification dots on app icons on your homescreen. Much like iOS or plenty of third-party Android launchers and add-ons, O will add a little dot to your app icon to tell you that you have a notification awaiting from this app specifically. Tapping and holding on the icon will show a pop-up with the different notifications coming from it, and you can swipe them away.

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Nova Launcher 5.1 beta adds 'dynamic icons' that pull badges from notification content

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular third-party launchers on Android, partially because it's always adding innovative new features. That is certainly the case with v5.1 beta 1, which adds something called "dynamic icons." Rather than a boring numeric badge, these are badges with the content from notifications in them.

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[Deal Alert] Nova Launcher Prime is $0.99 ($4.00 off) on the Play Store until January 1

Nova Launcher needs no introduction - it's arguably the most customizable and polished third-party launcher for Android. The base version supports all the usual home screen stuff, as well as icon themes, color controls, multiple app drawer and home screen styles, the ability to import layouts from other launchers, and much more. Nova Launcher Prime (the paid upgrade) goes even further, offering the ability to hide apps, create tabs or folders in the app drawer, unread counts on icons, and more.

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Nova Launcher v5.0 is out after numerous betas with Pixel Launcher features, new gestures, and more

Did you know that today is the fifth anniversary of Nova Launcher? In celebration of this occasion, the v5.0 update to Nova Launcher is being released in the Play Store. This update has been in beta testing for a while, but now everyone can get it without joining the beta.

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Latest Nova Launcher 5.0 beta adds Pixel-style launcher app shortcuts and weather in the search bar

Launcher app shortcuts, those neat little pop-ups for compatible apps that allow quick access to deeper app functions, are currently restricted to Android 7.1 on the Pixel phones and dev previews. As for everyone else, the tireless developer of Nova Launcher has you covered. Version 5.0 still isn't up in the public Play Store, but the beta version has been adding bits and pieces of Pixel Launcher functionality. The latest update includes the much-celebrated launcher app shortcuts.

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Nova Launcher 5.0 beta integrates new Pixel-style UI options

Nova Launcher remains the go-to alternative launcher for power users, customization fanatics, and plain old everyday Android fans. The developer continues to iterate the app with a ton of new features and options, and the full version bump to 5.0 is all about emulating the look of Google's official (and so far unannounced) Pixel launcher. It's available in beta form now from the Play Store program, but the developer also makes the updated APK available as a direct download.

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[Deal Alert] Nova Launcher Prime is 99¢ ($4 off) in the Play Store for a limited time

There was some stiff competition for alternative launchers in the early days of Android, but now thanks to tireless dedication and improvement from the developer, the excellent Nova Launcher stands at the top of the pile. Nova has been one of our favorite apps since it debuted way back in the Ice Cream Sandwich days, and while it's quite serviceable as a free app, the $4.99 upgrade to the Prime version is worth every penny. Luckily, you won't actually have to pay every penny today: it's on sale for 99 cents.

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Nova Launcher v4.3 Is Out Of Beta With Night Mode, Android N-Style Folders, And More

So you don't like the launcher that shipped on your phone? There are alternatives, and far and away the most popular one is Nova. The big v4.3 update has been in beta for a while, and now it's out for real with a number of important changes.

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Nova Launcher Beta Already Has The New Folder Style From Android N Dev Preview

Google released the second Android N developer preview update yesterday, and it came with a new folder icon. Instead of the stack, you have a clipped array of the top four app icons in a circle. Here we are a day later and the new Nova Launcher v4.3 beta already offers those folder icons as an option.

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Making It Mine: Galaxy S7 Edge (Video)

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round! The time has come to answer the age old question: What’s on your phone? I get this question A LOT, but I don’t answer it often since it changes so much. I thought I’d take a bit of a spin on it and also show you what I did to make a particular device (in this case the S7 Edge) really feel like my own. I’m convinced there’s a metric here. For now, I’ll call it the ‘make it work’ factor. This comes from my days living in NYC.

Every apartment has a ‘make it work’ factor.

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