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Start the week with 21 temporarily free and 25 on-sale apps, including Nova Launcher Prime

It's the week before Christmas, which is both crazy and exciting. For some, these next several days will pass with agonizing slowness; others like me will start (or have started) panicking because they haven't finished wrapping presents yet. All of that aside, we're due for the first round of app sales. Spoiler: it's not a great list today, but feel free to peruse. But pay special attention to Nova Launcher Prime, which is on sale for just $0.99.

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[Update: Winners] Nova Launcher is six years old today, and we're giving away 100 Nova Launcher Prime promo codes to celebrate

The home screen situation was grim six years ago as we waited for a Launcher Pro redesign that never materialized (any day now, I'm sure) and OEMs assaulted us with terrible, clunky stock launchers. Well, more terrible than now. Nova Launcher arrived six years ago today, and many of our home screens have never been the same.

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Nova Launcher v5.5 adds search bar in dock, expanded adaptive icon support, and more

There's an update rolling out today for Nova Launcher, and it's a big one. There's some Android 8.1 flair in this version, plus you can have more fun with adaptive icons. As usual, all the new features are optional and highly customizable. That's why you use Nova, right?

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[Deal Alert] Nova Launcher Prime is down to ₹10 in India for Diwali

Listen up, you Nova customization geeks. We know you've been looking at your phone's homescreen for months hoping you could just hide that app from your drawer, use a clockwise rotation gesture to open the clock app, or swipe up on your messaging app to launch directly into a chat with your best friend/partner. Well, if you live in India, now's your lucky time.

Nova Launcher Prime, the paid upgrade to Nova Launcher that enables gestures, unread count badges, custom app drawer groups, app hiding, icon swipes, and much more, is being discounted to the sexy price of ₹10. (That's about $0.15 for all of you jealous people living outside of India.)

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Nova Launcher v5.5-beta3 adds bottom search box and other goodies from Pixel Launcher

Google is in the process of making some changes to the Pixel Launcher, and that means it's time for the third-party launchers to play catch-up. Action Launcher has been in the lead when it comes to adopting Pixel things, but here comes Nova Launcher with a revamped search box, Pixel 2-style notification dots, and more. You'll need the full version to get all the new stuff, though.

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Nova Launcher just hit 50 million downloads on the Play Store

It's not often that apps that aren't made by a giant company or preloaded reach a threshold as monumental as 50 million downloads, but TeslaCoil Software's Nova Launcher, everyone's favorite custom launcher, has gone ahead and done just that. That's seriously impressive.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 50 codes for Nova Launcher Prime, TeslaCoil Software's famous Android launcher

Sometimes an otherwise perfect hardware experience is ruined by a bit of bad software. Launchers can make or break your phone experience, and a lot of OEMs continue to ship otherwise fantastic phones with a lackluster homescreen. Thanks to the fine folks at TeslaCoil Software, though, that's no problem. Nova Launcher is always there to provide a pleasant, performant, and customizable experience. The Prime version of the app is usually $5, but we've teamed up with TeslaCoil Software to give 50 lucky readers a free code. 

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[Update: Icon inconsistencies fixed] Nova Launcher beta 5.5 finally brings adaptive icons support

One thing's sure, TeslaCoil Software is incredibly prolific. Hot on the heels of the recent Sesame Shortcuts, Nova Launcher has just added one more awesome feature: adaptive icons. V5.5-beta1 of the popular launcher allows those of us still waiting for Android 8.0 Oreo to enjoy a little taste of adaptive icons a bit early.

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Nova Launcher 5.4.1 is out of beta, brings Sesame Shortcuts deep links to everyone

In July, Nova Launcher began testing a new feature in v5.4 beta: Sesame Shortcuts. Thanks to an integration with this third-party app, you could use Nova's app search and shortcuts to jump into a specific place or page inside more than 20 apps. For WhatsApp that means specific conversations, for Netflix it's about movies and shows, and there are more granular links for Spotify, Waze, Yelp, YouTube, Tasker, Reddit, and so on. Now that feature is out of beta and ready for primetime.

With v5.4.1, Sesame Shortcuts and a few other small changes are available to everyone on the stable channel of Nova.

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[Update: 5.3 released as stable] Exclusive: Nova Launcher finally gets Google Now integration [APK Download]

Nova Launcher is the go-to launcher for so many not just for the sheer amount of customization it offers, but also the speed and frequency at which the team instills new features. However, one feature that people have constantly clamored for has always been left out: Google Now integration. It just couldn't be added due to constraints that Google had put in place. But today, Nova Launcher is finally receiving this long-awaited functionality.

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