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Google Maps now lets you quickly, and mindlessly, rate places from a notification

There's a passionate love story between the Google Maps team and Android's notifications. Every few months, sometimes even weeks, a new type starts surfacing, and it's gotten to a point where the notifications settings in the Maps app no longer fit on one screen and require sub-categories. The latest isn't a new notification per se, but it's a change to an existing one: you can now directly rate a place from the notification drop-down.

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[Update: Rolling out] Casting notifications will soon launch Google Home or the media's matching app as a remote control

The infamous Casting notification became a very controversial feature for many. It looked like a good idea when it first appeared, but quickly earned much hate as the notifications proved to be spammy in regular use. Google eventually rolled out an option to turn off notifications. If you haven't shunned these notifications, or you're willing to turn them back on, you can look forward to a new twist that makes it possible to tap on the notification to immediately open up an app as a remote control.

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YouTube notifications now include video thumbnails for some

If you have notifications enabled for a certain YouTube channel, you may have noticed the notifications don't provide much info. In fact, they only display the title of the video and what channel it came from (unless you expand the notification). This appears to finally be changing, as some users are seeing notifications with the video thumbnail.

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Android P feature spotlight: Pulling down on notifications vibrates the phone


Weekend poll: Do you use a notification mirroring service?

Smartphone tech has come a long way over the last ten years, but a few commonly requested features are still lacking. Battery life can't be measured in weeks yet, Android still doesn't have a decent iMessage competitor, and there aren't any first-party cross-platform notification mirroring services. Some of our desires might not be reasonable, but others are. And, at least in the case of notification synchronization, there are plenty of third-party services that can fill the gap. Do you use one?

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Google app v7.20 beta hints at custom hotwords, prepares Duo account linking for smart displays, podcast download management, and more [APK Teardown]

It's time for another Google app update. The beta release of v7.20 follows the trend of making few changes to the interface or functions, but there's a lot to see in a teardown. Thanks to resources harvested from the app, there are clues pointing to a new hotword to wake the Assistant, which may finally mean custom hotwords. We can also see more updates for smart displays and podcast management. There may even be a redesigned order tracking feature coming that keeps better track of status changes.

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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Android System notifications have a new Oreo icon

Android 8.1 has quite a few minor changes, ranging from a new easter egg to the new dimming navigation bar. Another small tweak is the icon for Android System notifications, which are used to display messages about updates, debugging, and other similar functions.

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Tasker can hide Android Oreo's 'App is running in the background' notifications, root not required

One of Android Oreo's many new features is a persistent notification for each app that runs in the background. While this is certainly helpful for the average person, it can get old quick for power users that frequently run applications like Tasker and LastPass. If the messages really get on your nerves, you can now use Tasker and the Notification Listener plugin to hide them.

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Twitter rolls out advanced notification filters for muting new accounts and more

Twitter, like most social media services, is a double-edged sword. It's a great way to keep up with friends, celebrities, and companies in a very quick way. But you can also find trolls, abuse, and other issues that stem from immaturity. In its continuing, but slow-going, battle to combat all of that, Twitter has rolled out some new advanced filters for notifications on the platform.

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Inbox v1.49 enables undo for actions taken through notifications [APK Download]

The most recent update to Inbox, 1.49, has made a minor tweak that could be a lifesaver. Now when you make a response to an email via a notification, you have a window to undo sending the email in the same notification. So if you notice a misspelling, see the wrong recipient, or change your mind just a moment too late, now you have a chance to pull things back, just as you would on the desktop site or app. 

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