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Phone Hub details for Chrome OS appear in recent Developer Channel release

Alphabet may control both Android and Chrome OS, but a frequent complaint of consumers in the Google-y ecosystem is the lack of synergy between the two platforms. The situation is improving little by little, with Google opening Instant Tethering up to more devices and grinding away on Nearby Sharing. Now it looks like the integration is poised to become much tighter in the future thanks to an upcoming "phone hub" on Chrome OS.

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Weekend poll: Do you use a notification mirroring service?

Smartphone tech has come a long way over the last ten years, but a few commonly requested features are still lacking. Battery life can't be measured in weeks yet, Android still doesn't have a decent iMessage competitor, and there aren't any first-party cross-platform notification mirroring services. Some of our desires might not be reasonable, but others are. And, at least in the case of notification synchronization, there are plenty of third-party services that can fill the gap. Do you use one?

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MyGlass 3.3.0 Enables Notification Syncing With Glass, Exposes Plans To Add Custom Wallpapers And Keyboard Input [APK Download + Teardown]

The Google Glass team gave a little heads-up on Tuesday to let Explorers know that they could look forward to Wear-style notifications appearing right in front of their eyes. With the release of MyGlass 3.3 and XE 22, that promise has come true, and it's pretty awesome. As it turns out, more bits and pieces were hidden away, as well. After poking around inside of the apk, a few other upcoming features have revealed themselves.

Notification Syncing

Shortly after the announcement of Android Wear, the engineers behind Glass acknowledged the two teams had been working closely to bring many of the best features of each product to the other.

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Pushbullet 13.2 Fully Syncs Desktop Chrome's Notification Center With Your Android Notification Drawer

The latest update to the immensely useful Pushbullet app introduces the ability to fully sync your Android device's notification drawer with Chrome on your computer. Previously, users could only watch phone or tablet notifications pop up on their desktop, with a recent version adding the ability to dismiss them from either device. Now Chrome's notification center will fully sync up with your phone's drawer, allowing you to manage alerts even after they've faded from the screen.

Pushbullet1 Pushbullet2

You can access the Chrome Notification Center by clicking on the bell icon in your computer's taskbar or system tray. The notifications it lists retain all of the options introduced in the previous Pushbullet update, such as the aforementioned ability to dismiss them from both devices and the choice to disable future mirroring of specific apps.

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Pushbullet v13 Introduces Ability To Dismiss Phone Notifications From A PC, Other Improvements

Pushbullet has received its first update of 2014, and it's one centered around improving the notification mirroring experience. The app, which makes it easy to exchange files and notifications between multiple devices, already allows Google Chrome and Firefox users to have each notification they receive show up on their PC as well. Now notifications that do so can be dismissed from either device. This saves people from reading messages on their desktops but having to reach for the phone to actually clear them.


The pop-up also provides options to prevent notifications belonging to specific apps from being mirrored in the future.

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PushBullet 12.2 Update Brings Mirrored Notification Duration Setting, Shows Upload Progress, Makes Downloads Easy To Cancel, And More

PushBullet version 12.2 has just hit the Play Store, and it brings with it a healthy selection of incremental updates that round out an already pleasant user experience. One new such feature is the ability to set how long mirrored notifications stick around on your computer before fading away.


The app also now shows upload progress when pushing a file and gives users the ability to tap a download to cancel it.

PushBullet2 PushBullet3

Perhaps more interesting than these new features are the changes in store for the Firefox add-on. The extension has fallen behind its Chrome peer as of late, but an upcoming update will give it the boost it needs.

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