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This app lets you (sort of) add a notification LED to the OnePlus 8

Shrinking screen bezels have played a big role in the disappearance of the subtly breathing notification LED from our modern phones. An always-on display is a fine middle ground that lets you stay on top of your notifications right from the lock screen, but OnePlus hasn’t been able to perfect it for general availability. While you wait for the feature to see the light of day, the only way to get a notification indicator (well, kind of) on your OnePlus 8 right now is through the aodNotify app, but it brings along with some unwelcome implications.

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Samsung's rumored Smart Glow feature could completely revamp the notification LED [update: confirmed]

I love a good notification LED - really. When I had my Nexus One back in the day, I absolutely adored my multi-color trackball. I had it decked out with custom colors and pulse speeds using a third party app, and I could tell from across the room if the notification I'd just received was an SMS or a Facebook message just by glancing at the color of that pulsating little trackball.

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Here's How The Notification LEDs On The Nexus 5X And 6P Work

Google is committed to the ambient display feature as the main method of alerting you to notifications on Nexus devices, but it's an imperfect solution. And indeed, some users simply refuse to buy a phone that doesn't have a proper notification LED. This year's Nexus phones both have an LED, and they offer a lot of functionality.

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The Nexus 5X Does Have A True RGB Notification LED Just Like The 6P, But It's Missing From The Spec List

Nexus launch day is a cutthroat time when mere moments can make the difference between a speedy shipment and weeks of waiting. While quickly comparing the Nexus 5X and 6P to decide which one to order, many have noticed that the 6P lists an RGB notification LED, but the 5X doesn't. Well, we've confirmed there's an LED on the 5X too. How? We bothered Google VP of Engineering Dave Burke via email. He was kind enough to explain what's going on.

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