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Unread badges could be coming to Google Chrome tabs and bookmarks

Since Chrome's big 10th birthday redesign, it's looking cleaner and less cluttered than ever, but that may be changing soon. The Chrome team is continuing work on the 'Badging API' that would allow websites to add unread notification badges to open tabs or bookmarks. In theory, this could be really useful, but I hope it doesn't make for a UI that's way too busy.

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Nova Launcher 6.1 beta brings dark mode to the Discover feed and numeric notification dots [APK Download]

Nova Launcher, the most popular third-party launcher on Android, keeps getting better with time by adopting features similar to Google's Pixel Launcher and improving on them in meaningful ways. In version 6.1 beta of Nova, which was just released, two changes further prove this: dark mode for the Discover feed and numeric Oreo-like notification dots.

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Action Launcher updated to v26 with Google Feed integration, notification dots, and more

A big Action Launcher update is rolling out today, and it's adding something many of you have been clamoring for in recent weeks: Google Feed integration (previously known as Google Now). Nova Launcher added this feature a few weeks ago, and now Action Launcher is taking a similar approach. You'll need to sideload a plugin, but no root is required. That's not all that's in this update, either. You like Android O stuff? Action Launcher has it.

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Action Launcher v26 beta is available, includes Android O's notification dots and new app shortcut UI

Chris Lacy's Action Launcher got a massive update recently, introducing new branding, more free features, an animated Android O style clock widget, and more. Together with its already useful feature set, including shutters and covers, it's cemented its place as one of Android's best launchers. The latest Beta is now available, as announced by Lacy on his blog, and it includes a number of features that Google has added to the Pixel Launcher in Android O, such as notification dots and a new UI for app shortcuts and widgets.

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Nova Launcher v5.2 is out with notification dots, round search bar style, and more

The final build of Nova Launcher v5.2 is rolling out to users as we speak. It comes with the usual raft of performance improvements and minor fixes, but this update also brings a little Android O flair to your phone. Nova Launcher now has O-style notification dots. There's other stuff, too. But dots.

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Nova Launcher beta brings Android O's notification dots

One of Android O's newly announced features at I/O is notification dots on app icons on your homescreen. Much like iOS or plenty of third-party Android launchers and add-ons, O will add a little dot to your app icon to tell you that you have a notification awaiting from this app specifically. Tapping and holding on the icon will show a pop-up with the different notifications coming from it, and you can swipe them away.

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Android O feature spotlight: Notification Dots put notifications on your icons

Android has handled notifications in pretty much the same way since its inception. Oh, there have been refinements over the years, but you go to the same place for notifications. That's changing in Android O with Notification Dots. You've probably seen something like this on custom launchers, but this is much more integrated with the OS.

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