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Google Maps v9.21 Adds Notifications For User Edits, 'Explore Around You' Comes To Five New Countries [APK Download]

A late-night update to Google Maps on Tuesday brought the version up to 9.21. Despite a moderate bump to the version number, this appears to be a relatively minor release. Of course, knowing the Maps team, we'll end up with an update in a few days with an official changelog that includes at least a couple more interesting additions. In the meantime, there's a new setting to control notifications about responses to your edits. Maps has also expanded its list of supported countries for the recently released Driving Mode and the "Explore around you" feature.

What's New

Official Changelog

A few hours after this article went live, Google updated the Play Store page for Maps with something of an official changelog:

  • Easily find hours and phone numbers for large department stores with the new department store directory in Google Maps.
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Pebble Smartwatch App Finds Its Way To The Play Store Just In Time For Initial Shipments To Arrive

Hope you like the idea of a smartwatch, because startups are not giving up on them. To wit, one of the most popular manifestations of the concept is the Pebble which began as a Kickstarter project that aimed to raise $100k. Instead, the company raised $10 million. Yes, a hundred times a hundred thousand. That investment seems to be paying off a bit, though, as today an Android app landed in the Play Store just prior to the first round of units arriving on customers' arms.

pebble1 pebble2 2013-01-25 11.01.59

The app allows Pebble owners to set customized watch faces, choose what types of notifications get sent to your wrist, and test the connection between the two devices (extremely handy).

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[New App] Notification History Keeps Tracks Of Notifications, Lets You Find The Source Without Jelly Bean

In Jelly Bean, Google introduced an incredibly useful new feature that allows users to find the source of a notification by long-pressing on it and selecting "app info." This is fantastic for those occasions when notifications are showing up without a clear idea of what is causing it. The problem is, that's only helpful on devices running Jelly Bean (which isn't a whole lot at this point).

For everyone else, there's a new app called Notification History.

1 2

NH is very simple: it runs as a service, collecting your notifications. Thus, you can go back later and not only check to see which apps are the cause of annoying notifications, but also read or re-read ones that have already been dismissed.

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