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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Review: A great (very expensive) phone


We are updating our review of the Galaxy Note7 to issue a do not buy warning for this device. Because of a growing number of fires in the "fixed" version of the Galaxy Note7, we can no longer in any way recommend purchasing one. Not only is the Note7 potentially dangerous, it is in danger of seeing reduced support, resale value, and major flight restrictions as a result of the fallout from this incident. Do not buy the Galaxy Note7. For more information, see our full post here.

A few years ago, Samsung was not known for making phones that looked nice.

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TWRP is now available for the Galaxy Note7 (Exynos), Tab A 10.1 WiFi, J7 (2016), and Xiaomi Mi Max Pro

The developer community is always eager to break barriers and make it easier for you to do almost whatever you want with your device, provided you have a lil' know-how and the patience to read a lot of documentation and follow steps to the letter... or maybe the juvenile carelessness to try and hope it'll work from the first go.

And the first step to doing things your way on your phone is by installing a custom recovery, with TWRP being the most famous now — well, it is indeed superbly maintained and its developers are always on top of new devices. Exhibit A: TWRP is now available for the very new Galaxy Note7.

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Samsung to fix "ordered too early" issue for T-Mobile Note7 pre-order gifts

Starting with the Galaxy S7 series, Samsung began offering gifts to customers who pre-ordered their phones. If you pre-ordered a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you got a free Gear VR. The South Korean tech giant offered a similar promotion, arguably even better, for the Galaxy Note7—you could choose to receive either a Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB microSD card. But a number of T-Mobile users are having issues claiming their gifts.

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The Galaxy Note7 gets torn down by iFixit, is slightly easier to repair than the S7

iFixit's been providing smartphone teardowns for a while, and now they've got one of Samsung's latest and greatest for us to look at. Considering the Galaxy Note7 is a water-resistant phone with curved glass on both sides, it's not unreasonable to think that it would fare poorly. That being said, it does do marginally better than the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge did.

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Galaxy Note7: Six days with Samsung's latest

It's Galaxy Note7 review day here in the US! ...Our review isn't ready. I received my evaluation device less than a week ago, and we've been swamped here with various leak posts and bringing on some new faces (say "hi!" to the newest members of our team when you spot their bylines), and there just hasn't been time for me to fully formulate thoughts and compile them into a 5000-word-plus post for you. But would you take an abridged review/extended hands-on until I can make good on that promise? If so, read on.

Early review notes

  • Industrial design and attention to physical detail continue to climb to ever-greater heights at Samsung.
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Samsung exec suggests Galaxy Note7 with 6GB RAM may only launch in China

Some Android fans were let down by the Galaxy Note7 this year. Many of its specs (curved screen, Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 12MP camera, water resistance, etc.) seemed to be copy-pasted from the critically acclaimed Galaxy S7 edge, and the few extra features it did add (new S Pen, iris scanner, USB Type-C) led some to question whether the Note7's $800+ MSRP was worth it. However, quite a few Samsung fans got excited when they heard about a rumored Note7 variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The phone was initially leaked via China's TENAA (similar to the FCC).

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[Deal Alert] Sam's Club offering $150 gift card in addition to free Gear Fit2 or 256GB microSD card with Note7 pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is available for pre-order across the internets with a few freebies. There are a few variations in the deals you can get, but they're mostly the same. Sam's Club has a pretty attractive promotion, though. If you pre-order there, you'll get the usual free Gear Fit2 or microSD card, but also a $150 gift card.

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The Galaxy Note is no longer Samsung's "enthusiast" smartphone series (opinion)

When the Galaxy Note was introduced in September 2011, it was a revelation - to some. (I, personally, did not get it, much to my disappointment in hindsight.) It was big. It was bold. It was aggressively powerful. Put side by side with Samsung's earlier Galaxy S (i9000) phone, the Galaxy Note was borderline overkill. A screen a full 1.3" larger. Twice the CPU cores, RAM, and storage. A 1280x800 resolution - scarcely believable on a smartphone at the time. The Note was, as many remember, openly ridiculed for being too much - too big, too expensive, too niche. How wrong we were.

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Hands-on with the Galaxy Note7: Eyeball scanning is standard

There is perhaps no better-selling “enthusiast” or “power-user” smartphone than Samsung's Galaxy Note series. When it debuted in 2011, it was dismissed as ridiculous by many (myself included). It was too big, we said - too big to hold, “and for what? Who needs this?” many of us barked at the time (how wrong we were). But the Note series became a runaway success, and each year, millions of Samsung fans await the latest iteration.

Last year’s Note, though, may have been the biggest letdown in the Note series yet. It had no microSD slot, no removable battery, and it didn’t even launch in Europe - perhaps a signal of the Note series entering a wind-down phase.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is official with a Snapdragon 820, 5.7-inch curved AMOLED, iris scanner, and more

The number "six" is so last year—Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Note7 to bring the numbering in-line with the flagship S phones. There were a myriad of leaks leading up to this moment, so nothing here is too surprising. It's a big Samsung phone with a stylus, a curved AMOLED, an iris scanner, and speedy internals.

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