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Airlines in the US will soon stop making Galaxy Note7 ban announcements

The FAA has officially lifted its requirement on airlines to notify passengers that the Galaxy Note7 is banned while in flight. While the ban itself is still in place, and having a Note7 on a plane could still get you ejected from your flight - you'll just stop hearing about it from someone over a garbled PA system.

The FAA's release cites the current return rate of 96% for Note7s sold in the United States, along with the phone-bricking OTA update, as reason for lifting the announcement requirement. Out of curiosity, I decided to check in on Note7 traffic on Android Police, and in recent weeks it has dropped to near-negligible levels, with a growing number of days seeing effectively zero users accessing the site with Note7s at all.

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Samsung now faces class action lawsuits in US and South Korea over Note7 debacle

Though Samsung's Note7 is now officially off shelves, the headaches are not yet over. Beyond the continued, embarrassing efforts to keep the phones off of planes and the expected loss of over $3 billion, Samsung will now be dealing with legal troubles related to the Note7 as well. Consumers in the United States and South Korea have just announced their intent to file class action lawsuits.

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Samsung will need to use extreme care handling a second Note7 recall, and it will suffer regardless

The Galaxy Note7 is in full-on product free-fall right now. Retailers are pulling it off shelves, Samsung has stopped production, and the once-deemed-"safe" versions of the phone are very obviously not. Things, frankly, could not have gone worse for Samsung. The Note7's launch has been brought to a screeching halt, and while many consumers may have been OK with Samsung's first battery fire flub given the relatively quick turnaround and response, this second round simply has no hope of retaining that goodwill.

This means Samsung will have to be walking-on-glass-covered-in-vinegar-and-angry-snakes levels of careful in how it manages what happens next.

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[Update: Sprint and Best Buy too] Verizon halts Galaxy Note7 sales, replacement devices can be exchanged

After AT&T and T-Mobile confirmed they are both halting Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales, and reports claiming Samsung is temporarily halting production of the device, Verizon has followed suit and halted its selling of the handset as well. The phones - both original and replacement models - can still be exchanged for something less, um, likely to explode, though.

This follows after it was claimed a replacement Note7 - i.e.

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[Update: T-Mobile confirms] T-Mobile is in process of issuing an internal stop sale order for Galaxy Note7

According to a source familiar with the company's plans, T-Mobile executive and retail lead Jon Freier is communicating to the company's stores that a stop sale order for the Galaxy Note7 has been issued, effective immediately. T-Mobile stores will not be allowed to swap defective units for replacement, and will no longer sell the alleged "safe" version of the Note7. Store employees are being directed not to fulfill customer requests to purchase the phone unless they were actively occurring during the receipt of the stop order.

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AT&T is the first US operator to halt all sales of the "safe" Galaxy Note7

AT&T, speaking to The Verge, has confirmed the US's second-largest mobile operator will no longer sell the Galaxy Note7 smartphone because of recent incidents with units catching fire (i.e., on planes). AT&T did not provide any window as to when or if sales might resume, but you can probably assume the halt is indefinite, contingent upon the result of Samsung and various agencies' investigations. Bloomberg reported AT&T was considering the move on Friday.

AT&T will no longer provide "safe" replacements to owners of the original defective Note7, either. Customers coming in with a Note7 eligible for the first recall will have to choose another device.

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Two new, reliable reports of replacement Note7s catching fire in the US

Two new reports in the US emerged late yesterday of Samsung's "safe" replacement Note7 smartphones catching fire. One, in Kentucky, actively went unreported by Samsung (the fire happened on Tuesday) and caused a man to be treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation when his phone caught fire in his bedroom overnight. The second gave a 13-year-old a minor burn when a Note7 battery failed in her hands.

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