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The best free and open-source alternatives to Google Keep on Android

While not every app has a great free and open source alternative (thanks, Google Maps), to-do lists don't fall into such a category. If you've been using Google Keep and want to find a service less beholden to our data-hoarding overlords, you're in luck. Even cloud sync is possible without buying into Google or another major corporation's note-taking platform, believe it or not. And really, do you need millions of data points and industry-leading artificial intelligence to make a glorified text editor bulleted lists? (The answer is "no.")

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Dropbox gives Evernote some competition with Paper, now in beta on the Play Store

Cloud storage and reminder apps seem to go together naturally - Evernote and Google Keep both have some basic attachment tools, and they share collaborative elements with things like Dropbox and Drive. Today Dropbox is trying to bring it all together with Paper, the company's first new app in quite a while. It's up on the Play Store in beta form, and like the primary storage app, it's free to download and use.

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[Hands-On] neutriNote Is A Simple But Powerful Plain-Text Editor With PHP Markdown And LaTeX Math Rendering Support, Now In Beta

There's always more than one way to approach the creation of an app and in the case of note-taking, it's very easy to make things too simple or too complex. From a design standpoint, powerful Android apps can sometimes leave intuitiveness and beauty aside (see Titanium Backup for more details).

neutriNote is a new app, currently in beta, that combines a simple and attractive front-end with a litany of features that can and should appeal to power users, especially of the academic type.

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The app comes from the developer behind Minutes Text Notes, a very similar set of free and paid apps.

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