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10 tips and tricks to make the most of your new Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an expensive phone, but it might also be the one to get right now. After dropping a grand on a new smartphone, you really ought to make sure you're using it to the fullest. Samsung does have a way of cramming features in every nook and cranny, though. You'd need some sort of detailed guide to find all the best stuff, right? Well, that's what you're reading. Here are the 10 most useful Note 9 tips, as chosen by the AP team.

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Already decided on the Galaxy Note 9? Spigen has you covered [Sponsored Post]

After months of anticipation and leaks, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has finally been announced. Samsung has unveiled the new S Pen, feature-packed with Bluetooth enabled functions for music and a remote camera shutter. For superfans and early adopters of the Note series patiently waiting to pre-order the Note 9, plan beforehand to protect your device. With whatever kind of protection you prefer, Spigen (as always) is ready to protect the powerful new flagship phone from day one.  

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