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Samsung says half of recalled Note7 phones in US have been exchanged

As it turns out, people don't want to hang onto exploding phones. Samsung initially started the Note7 Exchange Program earlier this month in the United States, offering owners of affected Note7 devices the choice of a fixed Note7 or a S7/S7 edge. Over a week later, the CPSC officially began working with Samsung to handle the recall.

The program appears to be somewhat of a success, with the company reporting "about half" of the recalled devices have been exchanged. Samsung also revealed that 90% of customers exchanging their Note7 opted to receive a new Note7, instead of another Galaxy device.

Samsung didn't reveal any other details about the program, or exchange numbers in the United Kingdom & Ireland program.

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Everybody calm down: that Brooklyn Note7 explosion reported by the NY Post was actually a Galaxy Core Prime

There's no denying that the Galaxy Note 7 recall is a big deal, but as with any big story, a little caution is called for when reporting on it. There are in fact other things that can catch fire besides the Note 7, including - gasp! - other smartphones. Such is the case with one of the more dramatic reports of a Galaxy Note 7 malfunction. As it turns out this New York Post article about a 6-year-old injured by an exploding Note 7 (which still hasn't been updated or corrected (update: see below)) is in fact about a Galaxy Core Prime, an entirely different Samsung phone model.

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Samsung will identify fixed battery Note 7s with marking, will establish an IMEI check tool

Samsung has made great efforts to make the Galaxy Note 7 global recall as painless and quick as possible. Earlier today they released information about the replacement Note 7 stock in Australia, revealing that (at least in the land down under) replacement stock will be available September 21. But the second part of the announcement is noteworthy - Samsung has a plan to identify safe Note 7 devices from the original batch.

Samsung reports that users will be able to check their IMEI numbers through an online database starting September 13. This will make it much easier to tell if your Note 7 is affected or not, and with IMEI identifiers being effectively unchangeable, it's practically fool-proof.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Review: A great (very expensive) phone


We are updating our review of the Galaxy Note7 to issue a do not buy warning for this device. Because of a growing number of fires in the "fixed" version of the Galaxy Note7, we can no longer in any way recommend purchasing one. Not only is the Note7 potentially dangerous, it is in danger of seeing reduced support, resale value, and major flight restrictions as a result of the fallout from this incident. Do not buy the Galaxy Note7. For more information, see our full post here.

A few years ago, Samsung was not known for making phones that looked nice.

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TWRP is now available for the Galaxy Note7 (Exynos), Tab A 10.1 WiFi, J7 (2016), and Xiaomi Mi Max Pro

The developer community is always eager to break barriers and make it easier for you to do almost whatever you want with your device, provided you have a lil' know-how and the patience to read a lot of documentation and follow steps to the letter... or maybe the juvenile carelessness to try and hope it'll work from the first go.

And the first step to doing things your way on your phone is by installing a custom recovery, with TWRP being the most famous now — well, it is indeed superbly maintained and its developers are always on top of new devices. Exhibit A: TWRP is now available for the very new Galaxy Note7.

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Specs showdown: Samsung Galaxy Note7 vs Note 5, S7 Edge, and Nexus 6P

With the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 today, I'm sure many of you are curious about how the newest member of the original phablet phamily stacks up with some of the other jumbo-sized phones on the market. For your convenience, I've thrown together a quick spec comparison.

Here's a rundown of how the Note7 stacks up against the S7 Edge, the always popular Nexus 6P, and, for old times sake, the Note5.

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Samsung posts big profit for Q2 2016, largest in over two years

Bolstered by surging sales of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung has announced its second quarter earnings for 2016, showing that profits, 8.14 trillion won ($45.2 billion), are up almost 18%, with revenue, 50.94 trillion won ($7.22 billion), also up by 5%.

These are big, big increases for Samsung - the biggest profit the South Korean company has made in over two years. This is no doubt thanks to, at least in part, a hugely profitable IT & Mobile Communications division, which has the smartphone department as part of that. Profit for the IM division was 4.32 trillion won ($3.83 billion).

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Note7 leak seems to offer visual confirmation of iris scanner feature

Samsung has been rumored to be working on iris scanning technology for smartphones for years now. A few weeks back, Evan Blass confirmed via his own sources that the Note7 would feature an iris scanner, but no further information was provided. A leak on Weibo today, picked up by Sammobile, gives us our first glimpse at the feature itself, and provides some much-needed visual evidence of its existence. Below, you can see what very much looks like a Note7 on the lockscreen, and it's asking you to use your eye-parts to unlock the phone. On the top left, we can see what looks like a notification LED, but if I had to guess, this may have something to do with the iris scanning.

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Samsung sends out invite for August 2nd event in NYC for the Note7 reveal

Samsung has just sent out the invitation for its Note7 launch event in New York City on August 2nd. The sixth-generation Note device has been leaked extensively at this point, though I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung has managed to keep a piece or two of information from us about the device at this point. If you want to know what the Note7 will look like, we can show you, because Evan Blass leaked it - in excruciatingly high resolution.

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Evleaks publishes press renders of the Galaxy Note7, again confirming name

Want an up-close and personal look at the upcoming Galaxy Note7? Evan Blass has given us just that - no more prototypes or cover glass to extrapolate from. This is the real deal. The Note7, spacing correct there, looks very, well, Note-like. With a hint of Galaxy S7. Which makes sense. As to the name? You can explain that however you want: a preemptive strike against the iPhone 7 (a moniker that lately has been dubbed unlikely by some), a lining up with the Galaxy S series - whatever. Note7 definitely does seem to be what we'll be calling it.

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