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Google Photos awakens your nostalgia with "Then & Now" smart photo collages

Photos is one of the most successful and amazing Google services launched in (relatively) recent times and I love the way it keeps surfacing memories for me and creating awesome animations and collages. One new Photos Assistant smart creation that we've seen over the past week is a "Then & Now" card that puts an old picture of you or one of your people next to a new one. For comparison, and nostalgia, and tears. Photos should get Kleenex as a sponsor.

Artem first spotted it a few days ago and several commenters said the same. The card, if you're lucky enough to get it, will show in the Assistant tab of Photos.

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Tomb Raider I Drops To $0.10 On The Play Store In Some Regions

Back in April, Square Enix released the original Tomb Raider game on Android for just $0.99. The title that began Lara Croft's long-lasting career as a polygonal heroine came to Android with all the levels (and dinosaurs) players remember, along with the "unfinished business" levels. The controls aren't ideal but the game brought controller support and an undeniable nostalgic vibe.

Today, the classic title has dropped to just $0.10 on the Play Store. Compared to the already low price of just under a dollar this might not seem like a huge drop, but honestly at a dime it's even harder not to grab Tomb Raider if you haven't already.

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OrangePixel's Gunslugs 2 Supplies More 8-Bit Inspired, Gun-Totin', Nostalgia-Infused Platforming For $3.15

The original Gunslugs' mix of bullet-filled, NES-inspired, platforming nostalgia attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads. Now, two years to the day since we covered the original release, developer OrangePixel is back with a sequel, the creatively named Gunslugs 2.

In Gunslugs 2, the Black Duck Army returns to take over the world in an adventure that may be as impacted by 80's action films as video games of yesteryear. In both cases, the moral is the same—there's no such thing as an evil plan that can't be overcome by overwhelming quantities of hot lead.

The sequel supplies gamers with seven worlds divided into eight levels each.

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[Video] Sony Invites Us To Make New Memories With The Xperia Z In Nostalgic New Commercial

There are a few surefire ways to get straight to a consumer's heart, and one of them is nostalgia. People love to be reminded of the good old days, and Sony has done just that, uploading a new Xperia Z spot that will take viewers back to the moon mission, the Berlin wall, roller skating on the beach, and playing video games, all with Sony products.

The ad then continues with a young couple joining in a Holi celebration using the Xperia Z, showing that Sony hasn't abandoned its iconic role in capturing or enhancing your most memorable moments. The video finishes by showing that, after running through plumes of colored powder and revelry, you can simply rinse the phone clean – after all, it's waterproof.

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Pokémon TV Arrives On Android, Streams A Rotating Selection Of Episodes For Free

There's little doubt that Pokémon is the very best at separating parents from money. Like no franchise ever was. Getting Nintendo to relinquish control of content, though, is a real test. It doesn't generally stream its show for free without good cause. Today, however, it's available across the land. The animated series can now be streamed to Android handsets far and wide.


pokemontv2 pokemontv3 pokemontv4

Admittedly Pokémon licensing is something I don't understand, but it's pretty powerful that this app has free episodes inside. It's not the complete series, but it's probably enough Pokémon for you and me.  I haven't seen the show since high school, but I knew a reunion was destiny.

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Metal Slug 3 Is On Sale For $1.99 (Normally $6.99), Brings Retro Side-Scrolling Shooter Action On The Cheap

You know us, here at Android Police. We have simple tastes. We like old school games, we like getting things on the cheap, and we like things that go boom. Which means that this sale on Metal Slug 3 is right up our alley. While this title is normally around $7, it's available for $2 right now on the Play Store.

metalslug1 metalslug2 metalslug3

This game originally came out for the Neo Geo and its nostalgic graphics have been lovingly recreated for Android. You can also link two handsets together via Bluetooth to play cooperatively with friends. Not bad. Get in on the explode-y action via the widget below.

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[New Game] Activision Anthology Combines 8-Bit Nostalgia, Impressive Presentation, And In-App Payments

Games from the NES era and earlier (and those styled after them) do very well on mobile platforms, if only because modern controls schemes just aren't easily compatible with touchscreens. Activision isn't the first to bring their wide collection of ancient titles to Android, but theirs might just be the most complete. The brand new Activision Anthology amasses the most popular Atari 2600 games published by the gaming giant and its subsidiaries, crammed into a single app with an impressively nostalgic presentation.

aa1 aa2 aa3

The collection of 45 games is presented in a carousel surrounding what looks like my grandparents' den circa 1983.

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[New Game] Organ Trail Comes To Android With 'Director's Cut' – Fight Off Dysentery, Zombies In A Nostalgic Westward Journey

The Men Who Wear Many Hats may have struck undead gold with their debut entry into Google's Play Store. Organ Trail is pretty much what it sounds like – a take on the classic nostalgia-fest that is the Oregon Trail, but with zombies, bandits, and an upgradeable station wagon. The game, which started on the web, hit Android recently, delivering the same epic experience players of the original would expect.

Bringing to Android the "delicious Apple 2 pixel art" and "retro beeps and boops" players of the Oregon Trail love, Organ Trail: Director's Cut offers hours and hours of gameplay through desolate landscapes full of zombies in which players are susceptible not only to the undead, but to dysentery and 9 other diseases.

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[New Game] Iron Crusade Brings Nostalgic, 8-Bit, Worms-like Gameplay To Your Mobile Device

I don't care how good graphics get - mobile, console, or PC - there's something that I absolutely love about the old-school Nintendo feel. Perhaps the 8-bit look and feel reminds me of my childhood, or maybe because it's just so simplistic. Whatever the reason, throwback-style games like the newly-released Iron Crusade are always welcome on my devices.

There's no denying that Iron Crusade draws inspiration from the classics of yesteryear, albeit with a modern day twist. The game features turn-based gameplay, realistic physics, 22 levels, fully upgradable weapons and tanks, varying enemies and bosses with each level, 15 different achievements, and, my personal favorite: fully destructible environments.

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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Is Coming To Android For $9.99, Release Date To Be Announced

Baldur's Gate, known throughout the gaming world for helping to revive the computer RPG genre, is making its way to Android. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition will be available on the Play Store for $9.99 and will include all of the original content including Baldur's Gate and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, as well as some brand new, never-before-seen goodies.

baldur1 baldur2 baldur3

The game will be built on a shiny new version of the Infinity Engine, and will include higher resolution graphics as seen above. Don't they look nice? As if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, here's a list of some of the new features that the Enhanced Edition will bring:


Yes, the new game will even support parties cross-platform.

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