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Huawei reportedly helped build North Korea's wireless network and everyone's freaking out

Beyond the political luggage generated in the midst of the protracted U.S.-China trade dispute, the American import ban that Huawei has to deal with is laden with doubt from tech critics who chide D.C. with inhibiting innovation in mobile phones. Lest we forget, though, that the Department of Justice is pursuing the Chinese tech behemoth for stealing trade secrets and fraud in relation to Iran sanctions breaches. Now, we're learning of leaked documents that tie Huawei to business conducted in another adversarial country: North Korea.

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North Korea refuses to allow its athletes to accept complimentary Olympic Edition Galaxy S7 Edges

Last month, Samsung announced a limited edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. This version of the S7 Edge is certainly unique, with the body in black and the buttons and trims in the colors of the Olympic rings. Samsung also announced that it would give 12,500 of the limited edition phones to the athletes of the Rio Olympics.

Not to take charity from its southern neighbor, Radio Free Asia reported that North Korea refused the gift and prevented its athletes from claiming the complimentary devices. According to both Samsung and the Rio Olympics Committee, one of the top managers for the North Korean team took the 31 smartphones, and then failed to deliver them to his athletes.

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