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OxygenOS 10.5.4 for the OnePlus Nord delivers camera and display improvements

The OnePlus Nord hasn't even been out for two weeks, but it's now receiving its second update. This one is OxygenOS 10.5.4; it's not a major update by any means, but it does bring some optimizations to the cameras and the display. It also has some small bug fixes.

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OnePlus Nord is now available to buy — here's where you can get it

The OnesPlus Nord has been one of the most hyped phones in the year, but reviews — including our own — have suggested that it's worth our attention. While pre-orders sold out in almost no time at all, the phone went on general sale today across Europe and Asia. Here's where you can get it from, assuming there's still any stock left.

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Five changes we would make to the OnePlus Nord

After months of rumors, speculation, and a slow drip of information from OnePlus, the Nord budget phone was finally released earlier this month. It's an impressive package for £379/€399, complete with a 5G-capable Snapdragon processor, a 90Hz screen, and 30W fast charging. However, it's not a perfect device — no phone is, after all.

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OnePlus Nord review: Back to flagship killing

OnePlus got started with affordable so-called “flagship killers” like the OnePlus One and OnePlus 3. But over the years, its phones have become more expensive (as have most phones, to be fair). Its focus on getting more features and advanced hardware has increased too, though, culminating in the recent OnePlus 8 Pro — every bit a true "flagship," and with a price tag to match. Fans of the brand have thus yearned for a return to the alluring value proposition of old, and the company has finally obliged in the form of the OnePlus Nord.

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You shouldn't import a OnePlus Nord in the US, and here's why

There are signs that the US will eventually get a OnePlus Nord model of some kind, but with reviews absolutely lavishing praise on the Nord (including our own) currently on sale in India and Europe, you might be tempted to just go ahead and buy one from a 3rd party retailer and import it. We strongly advise against that, for several reasons — and while the typical band compatibility issues are the primary factor, there's a whole other can of worms to get into that you've probably not considered related to the impending shutdown of 3G networks in the US, that could stop a Nord from working entirely on some carriers.

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Carl Pei says the OnePlus Nord is coming to the US — just maybe not the same Nord

OnePlus hyped the Nord up for a long time, so it's a good thing that the phone lives up to expectations. For £379, this is one hell of a phone, but those of us that don't live in European or Indian markets have been left out. We have some good news, though; according to OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei, a Nord phone of some sort will be coming stateside soon.

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OnePlus Nord cracks under the pressure of a JerryRigEverything durability test

Our favorite smartphone durability tester, JerryRigEverything on YouTube, is back with another trial by fire of the OnePlus Nord — a phone headed for Eurasia for just €400 starting August 4. The build M.O. looks to be typical for the target price, but how far will it go against the knives, lighter, and hands of one Zack Nelson?

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The OnePlus Nord deserves a release in the United States

OnePlus started its history in the smartphone industry by offering a good phone, the OnePlus One, at a great price. Fast forward to today, and the company's brand and reputation are strong enough that OnePlus can sell phones at flagship prices without anyone batting an eye — Samsung's Galaxy S20+ has repeatedly been on sale for only $50 more than the $899 OnePlus 8 Pro.

For the first time in years, OnePlus has produced a mid-range Android phone at an incredibly competitive price. The OnePlus Nord has a decent Snapdragon processor, 128GB of storage, 8GB RAM, and a 90Hz screen all for just £379 (€399—and remember, that includes tax, unlike advertised US prices).

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Be among the first to get the OnePlus Nord in this online pop-up event

OnePlus unveiled its new Nord smartphone in a first-of-its-kind AR event earlier this week, but the phone's still not available for sale — unless you managed to sneak in during one of the brief pre-order rounds that led up to the launch. If you still want to be one of the first to snag the new device, OnePlus is opening a virtual pop-up shop that will let users be among the first to experience the Nord, starting July 29.

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OnePlus testing Nord in America with super-exclusive beta program

The OnePlus Nord was finally revealed earlier today after months of leaks and rumors, and as expected, it won't be sold in the United States at all. However, if you're in the US or Canada, you could get a Nord through the company's new Beta Program.

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