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Barnes & Noble To Shut Down Its Nook App And Video Stores, But Will Continue Selling eBooks In The US

Well you can't say they didn't give it a good try. After years of attempting to break into the lucrative tablet market with its own semi-exclusive platform, US bookseller Barnes & Noble plans to halt digital sales on its app and video stores. Diginomica reports that the company will stop sales on March 15th (Tuesday), and that customers who've bought content from either location have until then to download their apps and videos one last time. Connecting Nook Video content to accounts for either Disney Movies Anywhere or CinemaNow will allow customers to retain streaming and download rights on other platforms.

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[New App] Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Video On Google Play, Supports Android Phones, Tablets, And Nook Devices

Barnes & Noble may be bailing out of the tablet race, but that doesn't mean they're giving up on distributing digital content. Today the bookseller that also happens to sell movies, school supplies, electronics, and accessories is similarly expanding its media streaming portfolio. The company is hoping to grow its audience with the release of Nook Video into the Play Store.

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The Nook Video app is free to download, and customers are able to rent and purchase movies and TV shows without a subscription. The service integrates with UltraViolet, so users can stream their previously purchased UltraViolet-enabled movies. Shoppers can also pick up new Ultra-Violet DVDs or Blu-Ray discs in store and view them using the app when they get home.

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Barnes & Noble To Debut NOOK Video Store - Viacom, Warner, HBO And More On Board As Launch Partners

Going where no book store has gone before (as far as I'm aware), Barnes & Noble announced that it's launching a movie streaming and download service today called NOOK Video. The storefront will offer streaming options from a variety of content partners like Viacom, Warner Bros, HBO, and others. B&N also plans to launch a companion app for the service, which will presumably be available on a variety of Android phones and tablets, as well as the company's Android-powered NOOK tablets.

There's no indication that any of these titles will be rentable, though, and the initial list of partners includes only four of the "big six" movie studios here in the US (Universal and Fox are not listed).

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