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Android 10 starts rolling out to the Nokia 8.1

True to its promise of updating some of its devices to Android 10 before the end of 2019, HMD today begun the official roll out with the Nokia 8.1. Since this device was part of the Android 10 betas, it only makes sense that it's the first one to receive the stable update.

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[Update: Go devices too] Nokia reveals its Android 10 update plans

Android 10 may not have landed just yet, but Google has announced that will be its name — with no dessert attached. Hot on the heels of that simplified title and Android's updated branding, HMD has revealed its roadmap for Android 10 updates, listing which phones will be updated to the latest version and when over the next half year.

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Nokia 8.1 Android Q Beta 5 adds corner swipe gesture for Google Assistant

Participating in the latest betas is always a fun, but not risk-free endeavor. You get to try out things before anyone else and observe how a software evolves before it's released to the public. Android Q's gestures, for example, have seen several iterations across beta versions and now the most recent gestures are making their way to the Nokia 8.1 with the latest Beta 5.

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Here are the Android Q Beta image links for third-party devices and some quirks to watch for

If you don't have a Pixel phone to get into that sweet, sweet Android Q Beta business, you've got more than a dozen third-party phones that can help you get there. But with each phone comes its own catches, so we'll patch you through to the resources you need from the OEMs.

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Google ARCore support arrives for Moto One and One Power, Nokia 8.1 returns to list

Given the amount of devices that run on Android, it's no surprise that Google is always busy updating its ARCore support list. This week, the main additions consist of the Moto One, and Moto One Power, as well as four "Touch Computers" from a company called Zebra also joining the club. The Nokia 8.1, which was removed from the list at some point, has now returned.

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[Update: Samsung Galaxy J5, J5 Pro] Google formally welcomes OnePlus 6T, Xperia XZ3, and more to the ARCore club

Covering a topic as massive as Android, and trying to do a comprehensive job of that, often requires tracking down information from multiple sources and doing a heck of a lot of cross-checking. Sometimes we'll hear one thing from a manufacturer statement, get other details from an app teardown, and finally maybe see Google step up to make its official proclamation. Just a few hours back we popped the hood off the latest ARCore release to see what was changing inside, and now Google's updating its own list of ARCore-supporting hardware.

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Nokia's first hole-punch phone appears in new renders

Huawei, Honor, Motorola, Samsung, and a few other companies are working on 'hole-punch' phones — where a small area inside the screen is removed for the front-facing camera. It looks like Nokia is now joining the party, if renders from a leaked CAD file are to be believed.

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HMD releases kernel source code for the Nokia 8.1

The recently released Nokia 8.1 (also called Nokia X7 in China) is one of the more powerful Android One devices you can currently buy. HMD Global launched the phone last month with Android Pie and has now published the kernel source code.

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Nokia 8.1 launches as global edition of China's Nokia X7, sporting a Snapdragon 710 for €399

Nokia announced the X7 for the Chinese market in October. At a hardware event in Dubai today, the company revealed its identity for the rest of the world: the Nokia 8.1. It's the same phone as was announced a few weeks ago — dual rear cameras, Snapdragon 710, and a competitive price tag — just with a new name.

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