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Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan is a goofy Daydream VR mini-game collection from Ubisoft

About a month and a half ago Ubisoft announced that a Rabbids-themed game would be coming to Google Daydream in the Spring. Well, it looks like that day has arrived. The game is called Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan and you can purchase it today for $5.99.

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Noodlecake Studios brings us Lumino City, an award winning handcrafted puzzle adventure game

State of Play Games and Noodlecake Studios have teamed up to bring the BAFTA award winning puzzle adventure game Lumino City to Android. You can pick it up today and it is even on sale. That is right, for its first week the game is launching at the price of $2.99, after which it will go back up to $4.99.

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Tabletop fanatic Asmodee Digital deals out Onirim, a challenging solitaire card game

Asmodee Digital has given us some of some of the best digital tabletop adaptations on the platform. Titles such as Ticket to RidePandemic, and Splendor are truly classics in their own right. Well, today we get another game to add to the list. Say hello to Onirim - Solitaire Card Game, a menacing single player experience that will have you scrambling to escape its infectious design.

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Hasbro just released Hanazuki, an odd game about moons, moods, and magic

Hanazuki is a tie-in game offered by Hasbro in order to promote their new animated web series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. A show aimed at the difficult to bridge tween girl entertainment market, there will obviously be a plethora of branded wares coming our way. This game being one of the first, the question remains, is it any good?

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