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Long Hat House's metroidvania 'Dandara' is officially out on Android

The beauty of Long Hat House's Dandara lies in its controls. Since it exists as a metroidvania title that includes plenty of platforming gameplay, the use of a unique shooting mechanic for its movement makes it that much more palatable on touchscreen devices. It's refreshing how well this mechanic lends itself to mobile-centric gaming thanks to how precise your movements can be. And honestly, it allows Dandara's level design and gameplay to shine just as much as they would on any other platform.

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OrangePixel's open-world survival adventure 'Ashworld' just landed on the Play Store

OrangePixel's Ashworld interestingly combines open-world survival gameplay with 2D platforming in a strange mashup of pixel-based post-apocalyptic madness. It was initially released on PC back in September of 2017, and it hit iOS three months later in December. But as always, Android users have to wait patiently for their turn. Well, it would appear that Ashworld has finally landed on the Google Play Store as of this morning and you can grab it right now for $3.99.

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Capcom has released 'Ace Attorney Investigations - Miles Edgeworth' at a discounted price of $11.99

Capcom's Ace Attorney series of visual novel court drama games have existed for years on Nintendo handheld systems. While many have already been re-released on Android, one of the few missing from our platform was Ace Attorney Investigations - Miles Edgeworth. This is no longer the case as Capcom has just released the title on the Play Store, and it's even on sale for a limited time.

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3D sandbox action-RPG 'Portal Knights' has been ported to Android

Portal Knights is an adorable looking 3D sandbox action-RPG developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games. It was initially released on PC and consoles back in May of this year and has only recently been ported to Android and published on the Play Store. Its design is obviously very reminiscent of Minecraft, but it differentiates itself by including a few RPG character classes, a wide range of random instanced events, and plenty of epic boss battles.

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Return to Asposia in Headup Games' 2D point and click adventure 'The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk'

Headup Games had quite a bit of success with the release of their first The Inner World point and click adventure game. So much so that they decided to bring the sequel to consoles before it was released for any mobile platform. But as of last week The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk has finally made its way to Android, and that is a very good thing indeed.

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Neverending Nightmares outruns its inner demons and finally shows up on the Play Store

Neverending Nightmares offers an adult-oriented psychological horror game that contains themes not often seen on our platform. In fact this isn't even an original Android game, as it was actually ported from the PC title that released back in 2014. It did, however, make an appearance on Android in 2015 thanks to the release of the 13th Humble PC & Android Bundle. Ever since then it has only been purchasable for Android on the Humble store for $14.99, although its debut on the Play Store makes it all that much easier to grab thanks to its lower $3.99 price point.

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Asmodee Digital's Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers has landed on the Play Store

As was mentioned previously on APAsmodee Digital's Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers was set to release really soon on the Play Store. Well, it looks like today is the day as it is now available for purchase at the low price of $2.99. Unlike the majority of Asmodee Digital's Android games, this new release is not a board game adaptation but is more an interactive story set in the Catan game world that plays a lot like a choose your own adventure game.

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Death Road to Canada just made a pit stop on the Play Store on its way to the Great White North

Back in April Rocketcat Games announced that Death Road to Canada was finally coming to Android. After a 6-month wait, it would appear that it's officially landed on the Play Store with a price tag of $9.99, a whole $5 cheaper than its PC counterpart. You can expect all of the same pixel-based zombie killing gameplay where you are tasked with managing a car full of jerks as they venture forward to the zombie-free Great White North.

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Team 17's 'Sheltered' just came out of hiding and has clawed its way onto the Play Store

Team 17 just released their base-building strategy survival game Sheltered on the Play Store. It is a port of the PC and console releases, and it retains everything those titles contain including a premium price point. The gist of the game has you protecting 4 family members in a post-apocalyptic world by venturing into an unsafe land in order to provide for your family. You can pick it up today for $3.99.

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After a week delay, Thimbleweed Park is finally available on the Play Store

The creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion have released their latest point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park on the Play Store. It was originally slated for an Android release on October 3rd, but at the last minute, the release was delayed until October 10th. Luckily that new date has held true. That means you can pick Thimbleweed Park up today for $9.99, which is half the price it normally sells for on just about every other platform.

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