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Stampede Games' minimal puzzler '.projekt' just landed on the Play Store

Stampede Games may sound familiar thanks to their previous release Evo Explores, which happens to look and play a lot like Monument Valley. Well, it would appear that the developer has released an all-new puzzle game for Android called .projekt, and I have to say it's quite striking. But even if you ignore the well-thought-out art direction, the puzzle-based gameplay holds its own while offering up a solid challenge worth the asking price.

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Google Contributor is being discontinued in favor of a newer iteration due in early 2017

Google Contributor was a very interesting proposition for those of us in the web publishing industry. It allowed sites like Android Police to offer readers an option to pay a little bit of money per month to remove some ads and thus have a better experience reading us while also helping us stay in business. It was launched in August of 2015 and has thus far stayed limited to users in the US. Today though, Contributor is being discontinued.

Users are receiving an email that explains that there's a new and improved version of Contributor that will launch "early next year" and that, in the meantime, the current Contributor will be discontinued.

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WhatsApp Goes Officially Free On All Platforms, Promises No Ads And Better Business Communication To Stay Profitable

Ever since its launch, WhatsApp has had two business models on paper: you pay for the app on iOS or Blackberry (that has changed a long time ago when the app went free) or you get the first year free and you have to pay $0.99/yr afterward. However, that latter model was never put into action consistently. Despite having used the messenger for more than 6 or 7 years, I was never charged once and neither have any of my friends and relatives. Whenever the expiration date approaches, we get a small pop-up telling us that our service has been extended for another year and that'd be it.

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YouTube's Completely Ad-Free Subscription Likely To Launch October 22nd With The Name YouTube Red

We all know YouTube has been planning to launch a completely ad-free subscription, but the details have been sorely lacking on things like how much it will cost, what will be included, and when it will launch. There may finally be some answers in a report by Recode that points to October 22nd as a probable launch date. The subscription is expected to run for $10 / month and would completely remove all paid advertising from YouTube and include the current benefits of Google Play Music Unlimited.

Rumors about a premium service option have circulated for years, particularly after the first report of a music-focused streaming subscription surfaced, which ultimately became YouTube Music Key.

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[APK Teardown] YouTube 5.3 Reveals Upcoming 'Music Pass' With Uninterrupted Music: Millions Of Songs With No Ads, Offline Playback, And Background Listening

There's a new version of YouTube out, and as usual, hidden inside its chocolaty center are hints at upcoming features and capabilities. We've seen information about a lot of this stuff before, some of which has even been confirmed by Google itself. Aside from the user interface changes we mentioned in the announcement post, there are framework elements for the upcoming YouTube subscription service, "Uninterrupted Playback," an offline video mode, and background music listening.


Take A Peek At Music Pass

The following strings in the 5.3 app look like they're intended to be used for a separate page or popup encouraging users to upgrade to "Music Pass," which we assume is the name for YouTube's upcoming subscription service.

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Episode 1 Of Duke Nukem 3D Free For The Next Two Days

Duke Nukem 3D, the good ol'-fashioned 1991-style Android FPS, is quite the game: sure, the plot is focused on invasion by sex-crazed aliens, but as the developers themselves said in the app's Market description, "that's what makes it fun!"

And for the next two days, the game is completely free, down from $0.99! Of course, if you want to try out episodes 2 and 3, you'll still have to cough up an additional $0.99 a pop - but still, it's not a bad deal considering the game's rather impressive quality.

ss-1280-1-0_thumb ss-800-0-0_thumb ss-800-2-0_thumb

Better still, this version of Duke Nukem 3D is free not only of charge, but also of ads - and you won't have to jump through any hoops to obtain it, either; simply scan the barcode below or click the Market link to get started.

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