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Alt-Frequencies is a new narrative mystery from Accidental Queens, and it's available on Android a day early

Earlier this month Accidental Queens announced that its audio-based narrative mystery Alt-Frequencies would land on Android, iOS, and PC on the 16th of May. Lo and behold the Android version has arrived on the Play Store an entire day early, leaving the other two release platforms in the dust. For once, Android plays second fiddle to no one.

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Agatha Knife is a dark-humor puzzle adventure that tackles difficult subjects

It must be point-and-click adventure day or something, because I just covered the release of a fantastic sci-fi noir title, and now I'm announcing another quality puzzle adventure game called Agatha Knife. On its surface, it appears to be a standard point-and-click adventure puzzler, but don't let the cartoony graphics fool you, as this release offers a satirical story that tackles many controversial topics through the eyes of a child.

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Whispers of a Machine is a fantastic sci-fi noir point-and-click adventure game out now on Android

Whispers of a Machine is a point-and-click adventure game that contains genre-fitting pixel-based graphics, over 4,000 lines of voiced dialog, and an enthralling sci-fi noir story. You'll play the part of a cybernetically enhanced special agent tasked with investigating a string of murders that are tied to a group of fanatics committed to creating an AI superintelligence in a world where the technology is outlawed. It'll be up to you to investigate and resolve the case by gathering pertinent information and decoding challenging puzzles.

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Build it, and they will come: Construction Simulator 3 launches on Android

Construction Simulator 3 is the latest construction simulation game from Astragon Entertainment. It's a followup to the developer's US-based Construction Simulator 2, but this time around you'll have to prove your building skills by fulfilling contracts on the opposite side of the Atlantic. You'll get to play through three new European locations as you test out and utilize a multitude of name-brand construction equipment.

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[Update: Officially out now] This War of Mine: Stories brings the Father's Promise DLC to Android

11 bit studios released the side-scrolling survival strategy game This War of Mine on Android back in 2015. What people may not know is that the game had been available on PC since 2014. This PC version received new playable content in celebration of its third anniversary in 2017. Father's Promise is the first of three planned DLC stories for the PC release, and this expansion has finally made its way to the Google Play Store as a stand-alone release.

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[Update: Now available in more regions] Dragalia Lost by Nintendo is available for Android

Back in August Nintendo announced that Dragalia Lost would launch on Android on September 27th. Well, today is the day, and Nintendo has indeed delivered. So if you have been hankering for a new gacha RPG with pleasant chibi graphics, and some of the best music found on Android, then you're going to want to check this out. Not everything is perfect, but there is still enough to like here to give it a shot.

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Rebel Inc. is the spiritual successor to Plague Inc, and it's officially available on Android

Ndemic Creations launched Rebel Inc. on iOS on December 6th, 2018, and today it has finally arrived on the Google Play Store. If you're unfamiliar with the title, it's basically the spiritual successor to Plague Inc, a highly-popular pandemic simulator from Ndemic Creations that was released all the way back in 2012. Much like its predecessor Rebel Inc. is a strategy game, but this time around instead of spreading an infectious disease around the world you're tasked with stabilizing five regions through political and military might.

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G30 - A Memory Maze is an award-winning minimal puzzle game that's finally available on the Play Store

G30 - A Memory Maze was released on iOS back in May of 2018, and today the award-winning minimal puzzler is finally available on Android. This is a game that tells a unique story about a person suffering from a cognitive disorder, and it will be your job to piece together their memory by solving two-part puzzles made up of scattered text and random visual images.

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Revolve8 is Sega's take on Clash Royale, and it's globally available today

Sega has officially launched its mobile real-time strategy game Revolve8 on the Play Store. It's free-to-play and exudes a flashy anime theme for its stylized fairy tale characters. The gameplay revolves around 3-minute online PvP matches where players pull from a deck of eight cards to send out heroes to destroy their opponent's towers, much like Clash Royale.

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Immortal Rogue is a hack and slash roguelike launching on February 20

Immortal Rogue is a new hack and slash game with a beautiful pixel-based theme, and it's set to officially launch on February 20th. It also just landed on the Play Store and is already available for purchase if you'd like to try it out while it is still in testing. You can pick it up today for $4.99.

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