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Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored to drop the headphone jack [Update]

There are some hardware advances that make sense—moving to the USB Type-C standard, for example. It's a pain at first, but the benefits are clear. Removing the headphone jack, however, seems dumb at this juncture. Still, SamMobile says that Samsung is planning to drop this port in the upcoming Galaxy S8. Boo.

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LeEco Announces Three Android Phones With Up To 6GB Of RAM And No 3.5mm Audio Jack

It has begun. The race to remove the 3.5mm audio jack and laugh at it like some antiquated technology your grandpa used to love has started. And I'm not sure that I or any of us really are ready for this new era of audio connectivity.

LeEco, a company we've previously covered under the Letv name, has launched three new devices in China with an impressive spec sheet, a killer price tag, and no 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, that's apparently a feature and not a problem. As far as I understand it, the reason why everyone was excited about removing the jack was that it would make it possible to build thinner smartphones and remove one bulky component that usually restrains designers and forces them to compromise or scratch their heads for months to find a spot for it.

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