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[No Objections] Capcom favorite Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney lands in the Play Store for $16

The long-running Ace Attorney series from Capcom manages a practically impossible feat: making players sympathize with defense attorneys. With a mix of classic adventure game elements and anime-style hyper-dramatic courtroom scenes, the games have become incredibly popular both in Japan and with a worldwide audience. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth game in the series (and the first to break away from the iconic Phoenix Wright protagonist), is now live on the Play Store for $15.99.

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DraStic Nintendo DS Emulator Updated With Android TV Support, High-Res 3D, Custom Shader Support, And More

The Nintendo DS, though pretty old by game standards, is a tricky thing to emulate. Aside from the dual screens, it uses standard button, touchscreen, and microphone inputs, and it has a plethora of 2D and 3D games available. Despite this, DraStic remains the best emulator for the DS on the Play Store (and one of the most complete emulators for Android regardless of system). The latest update adds even more goodies.

image (12)

First and foremost, DraStic is now compatible with Android TV, much to the delight of SHIELD TV owners. (Hint: remap one of the extra buttons on your controller to switch between the Nintendo DS screens.)

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[New Game] Square Enix's DS Port The World Ends With You Is An Expensive Fantasy RPG That's Truly Final

The World Ends With you came out on the Nintendo DS in 2008, and it quickly became a surprising hit, reviving developer Square Enix in the minds of RPG fans everywhere. With the fresh setting of contemporary Tokyo, an art style inspired by graffiti, and a unique battle system that took advantage of the DS hardware, it's easy to see why. The enhanced iOS version came out almost two years ago, but as typical with Square releases, it's just now coming to Android.

unnamed (1) unnamed (4)

If I had to describe the game in a single sentence, I'd say it's a turn-based RPG version of Jet Set Radio where teenagers play The Hunger Games in Hell.

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DraStic Nintendo DS Emulator Adds MOGA Controller Support, Wider Device And Game Support, And ART Compatibility

We featured the DraStic Nintendo DS emulator way back when it launched and came away impressed. Version 2.2 of the app is probably the biggest update yet, adding a host of forward-looking features that should improve both performance and overall gaming satisfaction. Android 4.4 users in particular will be happy to hear that DraStic now supports Android Runtime (ART).

2013-12-31 15.31.46

Those of you with a MOGA controller can now use it natively with DraStic, no root or workaround required. It will also work with the tablet-centric iCade controller, which is popular with emulators but not much else on Android. That should be a boon for button-heavy games, and you can always revert to the touch screen for titles that rely on the functionality.

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[Bonus Round] The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms, Mosaika, Flux: Flow Puzzle, And Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got no less than three puzzle games with an adventure game chaser. Without further ado:


The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms

This Com2Us game is a Nintendo DS port, a series of locked room puzzles set in a world that combines magic and a few steampunk sensibilities.

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[Hands-On] DraStic Is The Android Nintendo DS Emulator You've Been Waiting For

Android emulator fans, meet you new best friend. Yesterday the DraStic Nintendo DS emulator was published to the Play Store, for the admittedly high price of $7.99. It's not the first DS emulator for Android, but it's far and away the best - the combination of smooth performance (on sufficient hardware) and a stupefying amount of options to adapt the DS ergonomics makes it an easy recommendation.


Most of the existing DS emulators are based on code for Windows programs, making them unbearably slow on Android. This one is designed from the ground up to run on ARM, and requires at least a Cortex-A8 processor (with a few exceptions) and 256MB of RAM to run.

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[New Game] UbiSoft And Tag Games Release Nintendo DS Favorite Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes For Android

Nintendo DS games making their way to the Play Store? I could get used to this. Publisher UbiSoft and port developer Tag Games have just released Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, a 2009 entry in the venerable Might & Magic RPG series originally made for the DS. It's been re-released as a downloadable title on the Xbox, Playstation, PC, and (of course) iOS, but this one only took five months to jump ship to Android, so let's not hold too much of a grudge. It's available in the Play Store for $4.99.

Clash of Heroes follows broadly in Puzzle Quest's footsteps, combing a winding story with RPG leveling elements and a puzzle-style battle system.

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