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Gmail API changes are about to break apps like SwiftKey, SMS Backup+, and Nine

Over the last year, Google has been instituting sweeping changes when it comes to app permissions to help protect user privacy. It imposed new restrictions when it came to SMS and phone permissions, and plenty of app makers found themselves caught in the Google support machine. Now developers found in violation of recent Gmail API changes are left out in the lurch, and the list of affected apps includes SMS Backup+, Nine, and even SwiftKey.

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Nine Email updated to v4.0.0 with IMAP/Gmail support, shared calendars, and a whole lot more

Most people are happy to use the Gmail app on Android, but some swear by Nine Email. This enterprise-focused email client has been on Android for ages, but it's been updated consistently with new features and user interfaces as Android has evolved. Today, v4.0.0 is live in the Play Store with a massive list of changes and improvements. Most prominently, it finally works with regular Gmail accounts.

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