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Nike's self-lacing kicks turn to bricks when updated over Android

Nike recently launched the futuristic self-lacing Adapt BB sneakers, with the Android app going live just last week. Our comments section was full of people discussing dystopian futures with rebellious footwear, and they didn't have to wait long — the shoes seem to be bricking during the initial software update itself.

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Nike Adapt BB sneakers app is live on the Play Store

Has keeping track of battery levels on your smartphone, fitness tracker, headphones, computer, tablet, and toothbrush become too easy for you? Worry not — come February 17th, and you can charge your shoes too, with the self-lacing Nike Adapt BB sneakers. These smart shoes were announced last month, and their companion Android app is now live on the Play Store.

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Nike reveals self-lacing Adapt sneakers and of course they have a smartphone app

Ever since Marty McFly put on those self-lacing trainers in Back to the Future Part II, we've been waiting for them to become a reality. Nike's first attempt at such a sneaker in 2016 was the HyperAdapt 1.0, which laced automatically when you put your feet in. The 2019 Nike Adapt BB is the next generation.

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Nike is now selling its gear through Google Express, alongside a hundred other new stores

Google Express still isn't the retail juggernaut Google would probably like it to be, but it's also far from hurting for partner stores. Every few weeks we update you with the latest stores to come on board, and it's rare that we don't see several dozen new faces. But while the numbers are there, we're at the point now where the majority of these new partners are companies on the smaller side — with odds better than not that you haven't even heard of most of them. This time, though, we've got at least one brand with some heavy-duty name recognition, as Nike begins Google Express sales.

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Nike+ Run Club is now available on Wear OS [APK Download]

Nike+ Run Club, or NRC for short, is a popular running companion app that tracks your runs and and compares your data with that of other users (get it? Run Club?). With its latest update, NRC has become considerably nicer to use for owners of compatible Wear OS devices, who can now leave their phones at home during workouts.

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Nike+ Running becomes Nike+ Run Club as part of 2.0 update

I've never been much of a runner, so I've only taken my phone with me for a lap around the neighborhood a handful of times. When I did, it felt Runtastic. But the Nike+ Running app has been another option for people looking to set goals and track their progress.

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Nike posts a dedicated shopping app to the Play Store

The Nike+ system of sports trackers actually pre-dates Android, or at least the consumer version of the operating system. For a long time Nike withheld Nike+ apps and accessories from Android and Google Play, though they've loosened up a bit in the last few years and posted a bunch of fitness and sports support apps. The latest Nike+ app gets right to the heart of what the company is all about: selling stuff.

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Nike's SNKRS Steps Into The Play Store For The Sole Purpose Of Feeding Your Sneaker Addiction

Sneaker addiction is serious business. My current collection stands at about 20 pairs, but they're all regularly designed and priced shoes — nothing fancy. And I know how hardcore some people can get about their sneakers, but I had no idea it could go so far as to cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars for a pair of shoes until I heard NPR's Planet Money What The LeBron episode. Well, Nike lovers who use Android devices need not worry about feeding their addiction anymore, just about financially funding it.

SNKRS is Nike's app for the sneaker lovers, featuring classic and new releases, their story and advantages, some exclusive content, with a customized feed for your preferred franchises and notifications for upcoming designs.

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Nike+ Running 1.7 Jogs In With Updated Home And In-Run Screens, Improved Run Setup, And More

The more seat bound and satisfied among our readers may be surprised to know that there are no shortage of Android apps out there that want to track how you run. Actually, maybe not. All that time spent on the computer probably means a greater likelihood of running across this post and the many like it than someone who's out running. Either way, the Nike+ app has managed to reach version 1.7 without spraining something, and it has picked up a few new features along the way.

This release comes with an updated home screen. When you sign-in, you will now see a leaderboard preview at the bottom that compares your runs to those of your friends, assuming you know people who also use the app.

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Nike+ Running Can Now Automatically Sync With Garmin And TomTom Following 1.6 Update

The Nike+ Running app has crossed mile marker 1.6, and it's joined by a few other racers. Surprisingly, all of them manage to run in sync.

GPS makers Garmin and TomTom both produce their own fitness apps as side-gigs, and now Nike+ integrates with them both. Either partner's runs will automatically appear inside of Nike+ Running. You can find the information under your activity history.

Nike+1 Nike+2

This release also includes auto-pause, which pretty much does what the name says. Your runs will automatically pause and resume when you stop moving. If you don't like it, you can toggle this option in the app's settings.

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