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[Update: Rolling out again] The Play Store is finally getting a dark theme

Google has updated many of its apps with dark themes, with Gmail being the most recent entrant. It looks like the Play Store is, at long last, receiving a dark theme of its own. Like Gmail and other Google apps, the Play Store's dark theme is a dark grey, and it looks pretty nice.

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[Update: Note9] Samsung's 'Night' photo mode finally coming to the US

Samsung's new "Night" photo setting is rumored to finally compete with Google's excellent Night Sight, but there's just one hitch: When the feature first rolled out, it was limited to Exynos-powered Galaxy S10s, which aren't available in the US. However, the folks at XDA Developers have spotted the feature as live on the most recent AT&T and Verizon update for the Galaxy S10+.

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Google Maps revamps navigation settings, lets you force the dark color scheme all the time

Google Maps keeps on rolling one change after the other. In October alone, we've seen the new Commute tab and music controls, overhauled hotel listings, star ratings on the map, EV charging stationsdish tagging, and more. But there's one more change that was spotted a couple of weeks ago that we would have missed if it weren't for our active tipsters: a revamped settings screen for navigation.

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Weekend poll: How many devices do you charge at night?

The worst thing about living in the future is all the cables, and I'm not just talking about the extra dongles OEMs make us carry around now. Every new gadget, whether it uses a nice easy standard like USB-C or not, is another electronic mouth to feed come bedtime. From phones to wearables and all your day to day accessories, how many devices do you have to charge at night?

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