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Dark mode is beginning to roll out to many Duolingo users

Android 10 brought support for application theming last year, allowing developers to customize the in-app experience with light and dark looks. The feature wasn't adopted by many third-party apps at the start — even Google is still tweaking the dark theme experience on its own Phone app. But as time passes, more developers climb aboard. Now the latest to joining the dark mode train is language-teaching app Duolingo.

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YouTube Studio app picks up dark theme only two years after YouTube added it

YouTube introduced dark mode for its Android app back all the way back in the summer of 2018. The YouTube Studio app, which provides tools for channel management, was left behind. While YouTube Studio added SmartReplies last month, the app remained starkly white — until now.

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Xiaomi testing astrophotography mode in the MIUI 12 camera app

Xiaomi announced its latest system software, MIUI 12, back in April. That's set to bring users a ton of neat features such as improved privacy controls, support for navigation gestures, and a more modern overhaul of the UI. Now it looks like the company may be delivering some new camera capabilities as well, in the form of an astrophotography mode.

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WhatsApp begins rolling out dark mode to its desktop and web apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and it's only been getting more feature-rich thanks to recent updates like profile sharing via QR codes and animated stickers in chats. But the company isn't neglecting the basics either, and it's now adding a dark mode for the desktop and web. The rollout has started and will continue over the next couple of weeks.

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Microsoft is adding a dark mode for OneDrive on the web

Dark mode is becoming more of a necessity these days with most apps and operating systems supporting it (looking at you, ChromeOS). Microsoft started testing a dark mode in its OneDrive Android app last year, and it made it into the stable release a few months back. Now the company has unveiled that dark mode for OneDrive on the web is on its way.

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The Google app's dark theme is officially rolling out in stable this week, but only on Android 10

Last year, both Google and Apple added dark theming options into their mobile operating systems, with many system apps supporting the feature. Some apps took longer than others, though, like Google's own search app. We reported that its dark theme was available through the Play Store Beta program earlier this year, and now the feature is rolling out to all users on Android 10.

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OneDrive’s dark mode going live for all (APK Download) (Updated)

Dark mode is definitely the feature your software needs to have these days, and what better timing than releasing it in time for Halloween? Microsoft's OneDrive is the company's latest app to get the treatment, following in Outlook's footsteps.

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Latest OneNote beta comes with dark mode toggle (APK download) (Updated)

Dark modes are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only do they look cool, they can also save battery on AMOLED screens, as they limit the number of pixels that need to be lit. A lot of apps have started boasting darker schemes, and following popular demand, Microsoft is working on one for OneNote, which will be available across all platforms.

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Samsung brings dark mode to its Health app (APK Download)

Samsung introduced the system-wide dark mode with its redesigned One UI much before Android and iOS came out with their own versions. The company improved its implementation with the second iteration of the software skin and simultaneously gave many of its apps a UI refresh to make them work well with the darker theme. Now Samsung Health joins the list as the latest app to get the dark mode treatment.

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