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YouTube TV will get 14 new ViacomCBS channels, including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV

According to a press release issued earlier today, ViacomCBS will be bringing more of its channel lineup to Google's YouTube TV, with fourteen new channels coming. The new multi-year distribution agreement includes BET, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

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Grab these 30 free Nickelodeon Audiobooks from Google Play

You know what's better than a deal? A freebie. And a freebie for kids is double as awesome — raising a child is expensive and any penny saving is welcome. So if you want to benefit from not one, but thirty freebies, all you have to do is head over to Google Play and grab some Nickelodeon audiobooks.

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Nick Jr. now has an official app, probably more for your kids

If you're reading this site, you probably aren't the target market for the new official Nick Jr. app. But if you have kids, this app might be just the thing to distract your children while doing other tasks. Nickelodeon's sister channel, Nick Jr., finally has its own app available on Android and iOS.

The app features full-length episodes of recent Nick Jr TV shows for free, with hundreds of additional episodes available by signing in with your TV provider. If your child's attention span isn't quite that long, there's also a healthy selection of smaller clips to enjoy, including exclusive content. The Nick Jr.

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Nickelodeon releases a new app for Android TV, cable login required

Most of our readership is more likely to sit down and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones instead of whatever season Spongebob they're up to these days, but we are aware that some of you have children. (There are even a few running around the disparate home offices of Android Police, if you can believe it.) And those tiny customers are the ones served by the latest major media player to hit Android TV, Nickelodeon.

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T-Mobile Adds More Services To Music Freedom And Binge On: Amazon Music, ESPN Radio, DailyMotion, Nickelodeon, And More

In my tiny little corner of the world, we get very few perks with any of our mobile plans. No unlimited calls, no unlimited texts, and lots of limited data. That hasn't stopped an enterprising local music service from convincing carriers to offer an unlimited streaming plan only on their app for a small fee. That goes to show that people may not care about calls or texts anymore, but there's always room for offers when it comes to entertainment.

T-Mobile has been trying to pioneer that area in the US and (politics and legalese and execution aside) has managed to get really good deals for customers who might be interested in them. I am such a music and TV show addict that I wish I lived in the US and could benefit from "free" data usage on some streaming services, even if it meant a loss in the quality of the stream.

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Nabi 2 Disney And Nickelodeon Editions Get Nabi OS 3.0 With KitKat Even Later Than The Original Nabi 2

When the Nabi 2 received an update to Nabi OS 3.0 last month, this bumped it up to KitKat a year and a half after Google unveiled that particular version of Android to the world. Now the Disney and Nickelodeon editions of the tablets have stumbled in to receive 4.4 even later.

Fortunately the youngsters these tablets are geared towards aren't likely to follow Android blogs religiously, foaming at the mouth for the latest mobile goodness. So this is probably no harm, no foul. Nevertheless, it's hard for those of us who do keep up with these things to lay eyes on a tablet so woefully out of date without feeling some sort of paint in our guts.

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[New App] Nickelodeon Releases Official Android App Complete With Full Episodes, Games, And Original Content

Nickelodeon has released no shortage of apps into the Play Store, but the kid-targeted network's latest offering is more of a one-stop shop. Inside the new Nick app, youngsters can find full episodes available for streaming, bite-sized games to occupy their time with, the ability to vote in polls, and other forms of original content. I grew up watching Nickelodeon, and if your kid is doing the same, this might just pique their interest.

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