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Android developer advocate Nick Butcher creates a Quick Settings tile to change Android's animation speeds

The Android community is pretty damn cool, if you ask me - custom ROMs, Xposed, Superuser applications, and a lot more. Android developer advocate Nick Butcher has added to this with a Quick Settings tile to control Android's animator duration scale. Normally this is only accessible through the Developer Options part of Android's [System] Settings, so for developers out there who need to regularly change the animation speed to test out any swanky animations, this should be pretty useful.

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[Video] Learn About The Redesign Of The Google Play Suite Of Apps From Android Design In Action

As Android users and enthusiasts, we sometimes find ourselves curious about the continuously evolving interfaces in Google's ecosystem. Over the years, there have been a number of changes to the Play Store, once known as the Android Market, but we've never had the pleasure of learning how some of the big design elements came to be. This week, Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik of Android Design in Action invited a couple members of the Android design team, Marco Paglia and Owen Otto, to share details about their process.



The video contains a few tips and comments about building a content-driven interface for several different screen sizes and how to make the best of each.

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