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Facebook Messenger Kids getting new features focused on being nice, coming to Canada and Peru

Facebook's Messenger Kids came to Android early this year. The app is meant to provide a safer experience for children 13 and younger, having parents more involved in their online communications than they would otherwise be. If you were ever a child, though, you may remember that kids can be pretty mean. Evidently aware of this, Facebook has announced that Messenger Kids will be getting a number of features that encourage nice behavior.

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Latest Update Finally Gets Rid Of Those iOS Buttons, Should Fix A Bunch Of Bugs Too

When first came out on Android, we were excited. In my review, I said that it was a fantastic start, but could use a bit of polish. In no small part, because of those dang iOS-style buttons. While I still believe that iOS- buttons do not single-handedly make a lazy port, it's nice to see that the developer has taken the time to bring the UI in line with the newest guidelines. Additionally, the update says it fixes some force close problems and generally improves stability.

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Of course, don't tell that to Artem. He fired up the app and gave it a go on his Evo LTE and still experienced a few crashes.

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[Review] Thumb Keyboard Makes Two-Handed Typing A Breeze

If there's one thing an Android power user really appreciates, it's options. I personally enjoy having a myriad of different apps to choose from for a single task so that I can find the one that best suits my needs, one of which is typing.

By now, we all know that there is no shortage of keyboard alternatives for Android users to choose from, but truly great and innovative keyboards can be somewhat hard to come by. If you like typing with two thumbs, though, I think I've found the perfect keyboard for you.

Thumb Keyboard is an input method that, at first, looks a little bit intimidating.

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