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Google adds new banks to Android Pay, including Capital One (hopefully for real this time) [Update]

A new raft of banks have been added to Android Pay today, which is always nice. There are a couple dozen this time. There's First Flight FCU, Bristol County Savings Bank, oh and look at that... Capital One. Sweet Christmas. Only a year after it was listed as "coming soon."

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Android Pay now available in Hong Kong

Android Pay has slowly been growing to more and more regions, and now has finally reached the city of Hong Kong. This makes Hong Kong and Singapore the only regions in Asia supported by Android Pay.

Pay will be accepted at over 5,000 locations including 7-Eleven, Circle K, Fortress, McDonald's, and more. This works exactly like Android Pay in other regions; just install the app and you're good to go.

MasterCard and Visa cards are supported, as well as cards from BEA, DBS, Dah Sing Bank, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, and Standard Chartered Bank. Online and in-app transactions with Android Pay also work. Google is also encouraging additional merchants to support Android Pay, so Hongkongers might have more locations accepting Android Pay in the near future.

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Samsung Pay gets support for Capital One credit cards

Capital One is one of the last big banks holding out as everyone else (even tiny regional banks) gets on board with Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Today, it takes a step in the right direction. An update to Samsung Pay is rolling out that adds support for some Capital One credit cards.

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Android Pay comes to Apple Federal Credit Union, C&F Bank, United Bank, and over 30 others

Android Pay is spreading. If you manage your finances with a big bank, chances are you can make payments by tapping your phone against a payment terminal -- yes, even if you use Chase. If you do your banking with a smaller institution, you may have to cross your fingers.

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[It's happening] Chase now officially supports Android Pay, silences complaining commenters

A few weeks back, a tipster leaked an internal Chase document to us that stated Chase would begin support for Android Pay on September 7th. Guess what? It's now September 7th, and the Android Pay website has just been updated with Chase support. In addition, Chase has its own Android Pay page on its site now.

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Praise the Lord: Chase will add support for Android Pay on September 7th

To all of you Chase customers who have been longing for Android Pay support, it seems that your prayers have been heard. No longer will you have to purchase a Samsung or Apple device to be able to pay for things with your phone. According to an anonymous Chase employee, Chase will begin supporting Google's NFC-based payment system in just over two weeks.

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Walgreens becomes first retailer to add their loyalty card via NFC to Android Pay

Walgreens has supported NFC payments for a number of years, even when other retailers were trying to fight it. They are taking it a step further by becoming the first retail store to support their loyalty card via NFC on Android Pay. There are many stores that support managing their loyalty/rewards cards in Android Pay, but Walgreens is notable for being the first to support their card via NFC.

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Android Pay expands to 44 more banks and credit unions in the US and Australia

Android Pay has been gaining support for a ton of banks and credit unions lately, and 44 more have just been added. Most of these banks and credit unions are local ones most of us haven't ever heard of, but hey, maybe your local bank is included. No, Chase isn't on here; I double-checked. There are a few Australian banks and credit unions on here as well.

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Android Pay v1.5 prepares to show new users where to find NFC on their phones and might be experimenting with the secure element again [APK Teardown]

There are a lot of factors playing into the success and failure of mobile payment systems. Perhaps the most challenging issue for Android Pay to overcome isn't the slow adoption of compatible payment terminals or the general lack of awareness about contactless payments, it's the confusion people experience once they decide to try it. While many users are nervous simply because they don't know what to expect, some others are confronted with an even bigger challenge: they have no idea where the NFC antenna is on their phone. The Android Pay app has been progressively adding more informative screens to help with educating users about tap-and-go payments, and now evidence from a teardown suggests Google will soon teach users what part of the phone to actually tap with.

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[Update: Another 18] Android Pay expands to 21 more banks and credit unions

Android Pay is cool and all, but if your bank or credit union isn't supported, it really doesn't matter. You can't take part in the fun.

Many of the big banks gained support first, catching headlines and impacting the largest number of users. Now we're seeing Android Pay make its way out to many of the financial institutions that serve as bedrocks of their local communities.

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