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[Update: Replaced with full refund option] Moto X4 Android One now offered as replacement for faulty Nexus 5X phones on Project Fi in lieu of crappy $53 payout

By now, you're all probably familiar with the Nexus 5X and its tendency to bootloop. This has caused some major headaches, especially to those Nexus 5X owners on Project Fi who purchased Device Protection (formerly known as Nexus Protect). However, Project Fi support is now offering the Moto X4 Android One as replacements for faulty 5Xes, which makes a lot more sense than a paltry $53 check.

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[Update: All Current Fi Customers Eligible] Device Protection Is Now Available With Phones Ordered From Project Fi

It seemed a little odd that Google's first-party extended warranty program, Nexus Protect, didn't work with Google's own MVNO effort, Project Fi, when it was announced. New buyers of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P could apply the Nexus Protect warranty to their phones if they bought them from the Google Store, but not through the Project Fi site. Now it looks like that lack of synergy has been rectified: Nexus Protect, or at least something very much like it, is available with new phone purchases from Fi.

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Nexus Protect Is Now Available To 5X And 6P Buyers In Canada

With this year's batch of Nexus devices, Google has upped its warranty game. In addition to the manufacturer's twelve months of coverage, Google offers an additional year for folks who pay for Nexus Protect.

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The Nexus Protect Website Goes Live Ahead Of Nexus Shipping

Google announced Nexus Protect on Tuesday as a way to get a little more peace of mind with your new phone. Nexus Protect is a warranty program that offers two years of coverage for hardware failures and accidental damage. The claims website was just a placeholder before, but now it's alive. Not that you can do much with it.

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References To 'Nexus Protect' Appear On Hardware Listings In The Google Store

Over the last few days references to something called "Nexus Protect" have appeared in listings on the Google Store. Don't bother looking for it in the tiny type at the bottom of the page - it isn't actually visible unless you dig into the page source. If you do, you'll find the following phrase (which appears to be integrated as a toast-style pop-up text):

You can’t add this phone unless it has the same Nexus Protect choice as other phones in your cart. You can update your choice or purchase this phone in your next order.

We've modified the page a bit to enable the pop-up for the illustration above.

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