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Google is rolling out October security patches, still no Nougat for the Nexus 6 [Update: Nexus 6 Nougat]

It's that time of the month—the new Android security patches are heading out to Nexus and Pixel devices. The OTA will show up on its own soon enough, but if that's not actually soon enough, the OTAs or images can be downloaded from Google's developer page right now.

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[Update: Security bulletin is live] Nexus factory images and full system OTAs are now available with September's security updates, still missing Nougat images for the Nexus 6P, 6, and 9 LTE

The first round of security updates for Nougat is ready. It has only been eleven days since the official release of Android 7.0, but keeping with the regular schedule, new factory images and full system OTAs are now available for installation. There are also Marshmallow-based images with the latest security updates for many devices, including the Nexus 5, which will no longer officially receive major version updates. (Note: it looks like the OTA page lists the new updates, but the files aren't linked properly.

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[Update: Nexus 5X] The first Android 7.0 Nexus factory images are up

One of the benefits of Google's Nexus devices is that you can flash full factory images if something goes wrong. Google makes these files available for download each time a new OTA update rolls out, and the first few devices now have Nougat images. This could be just what you need to get your device back on a stock build of Android in a single step.

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Google's useless Device Assist app is shutting down

If you are one of the small number of people who use Google's Device Assist app, I have some bad news. Support for the app is being dropped effective immediately. Users are being notified of the app's demise via a "detected issue" card that directs them to Google's online tips site instead.

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Android 7.0 Nougat is rolling out to Nexus devices starting today

Today is the day we've all been waiting for since March when Google unexpectedly dropped the Android N developer preview on us. Android 7.0 Nougat, as it's now known, is officially done and rolling out to Nexus devices, the Pixel C, and the General Mobile 4G. There aren't any big surprises here—the final build is virtually identical to the last developer preview, but it should be more stable and it'll be on your phone or tablet very soon.

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Google support site now lists end-of-life dates for Nexus devices [Updated]

Google formalized the update guarantee for Nexus devices last year in the wake of the Stage Fright vulnerability, but now it's gone a step further by listing the approximate end-of-life (EOL) dates on its support site. Google added this data at some point in the last few weeks, but it has only now been noticed.

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PSA: The Google Dialer Works With Many Non-Nexus Phones Now [Update: Not Anymore]

The Google dialer is what ships on all Nexus phones, but OEMs usually create their own vastly different dialer app. Beginning with the v2.05 update, you can install Google's version on most other phones too. This update rolled out a few weeks ago, but it seems that people are still just noticing, so let's get this all out in the open.

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Former Motorola CEO Rick Osterloh Will Head A New Unified Hardware Team At Google

Google sold Motorola to Lenovo at the end of 2014, but now it's getting a small piece of it back—the CEO. Lenovo recently announced a reorganization of its mobile business. This included the departure of Moto's CEO Rick Osterloh, and now we know why. Osterloh has come back to Google where he will lead a new hardware team that's responsible for Nexus, Chromecast, Glass, and more.

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Google Releases Android N Preview 2, Posts Images (NPC91K) For Nexus Devices

If you've been living the developer preview lifestyle, get ready for an update. There are new factory images available for download on Google's developer site. That means an OTA update for those who joined the beta won't be far off, but you can grab the full image if you want to update now.

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4.4.2 Factory Images And Binaries Are Now Available For All Relevant Nexus Devices

No sooner than we got 4.4.1 with camera fixes galore, 4.4.2 started hitting Nexus devices. While most should have already received the update, factory images are now available for download directly from Google. They're not alone in this rollout, as the binaries are also available if you need that sort of thing.

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