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[US Deal Alert] Get A Black Or White 32GB Nexus 5X For $269.99 On B&H (With Free Screen Protector)

We posted a pretty sweet 32GB Nexus 5X deal two days ago, but today's B&H deal is just a touch sweeter yet. Just head to B&H's website, drop a 32GB white or black Nexus 5X in your cart and use promo code "DADSDAY16" - you'll knock $100 off the price. B&H also throws in a couple of screen protectors, if that's your thing.


While still not quite as good as the Project Fi sign-up offer, this does get you a proper US Nexus 5X and not some GSM-only international unlocked model. That means this 5X will work on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Project Fi (among many other MVNOs) - making it quite the cosmopolitan carrier choice.

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[Nexus Deal Alert] Get A 32GB Nexus 5X For $274.99 On eBay

32GB Nexus 5X. $274.99. Need I say more?

I do, in fact, because this is a blog, and blog posts should have words, and I am going to put some here. The 32GB Nexus 5X is on sale for $274.99, which while not technically the cheapest we've ever seen it, it's damn close, and definitely the cheapest we've seen the North American H790 model without requiring a simultaneous Project Fi signup (where it costs $250). We've spotted the 32GB H791 international version for $249.99 previously, but that phone lacks T-Mobile band 12 support.

This is the proper 'Murican handset with full T-Mobile - and thus, Project Fi - Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T support, AKA the one you want if you're living stateside.

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