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[Deal Alert] Get A Pre-Owned Nexus 5 With 1 Year Of FreedomPop Data (Including 500MB LTE Per Month) For $200 On StackSocial

Over a year later, the Nexus 5 remains a great device. I love mine, and I have no desire to move on to the Nexus 6. The phone is increasingly difficult to find these days, so if you want one, listen up. You can currently get a pre-owned 16GB model on StackSocial for $200. This is a significant discount from the gadget's original $349.99.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 at 6.16.41 PM

What may or may not make this deal more compelling is the inclusion of free FreedomPop service.

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Some Nexus 5 Owners Afflicted By Camera Crashes Following Android 5.1 Update

Updates get us excited, especially when they involve making the leap to the latest version of Android. But for some Nexus 5 users, the transition has come at the expense of their camera. Following the release of Android 5.1, they've been unable to reliably activate the camera without getting hit by crashes.

This incident occurs once the stock app or any other piece of software tries to access the camera, such as Facebook or Snapchat.

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Code In Android 5.1 App Reveals Connection Between Unannounced Google VPN Service And "Nova" Carrier Project

We've heard a number of rumors about Google launching its own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), codenamed Nova. According to reports, the service will source wireless service from Sprint and T-Mobile, but it will rely on Wi-Fi networks to bear most of the weight of both data and voice services (though VoIP). While the details of this plan still aren't clear, another piece of the puzzle just emerged that indicates Google is going to offer its own virtual private network (VPN) service, and it may be targeted specifically at Nova subscribers.

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[Update: Android 5.1.1 For The Nexus 9 WiFi] Google Is Posting Android 5.1 Factory Images For Nexus Devices

Google has made Android 5.1 official and that means Nexus updates. Factory images are starting to pop up on the developer page, so you can easily get your device back to stock no matter what unspeakable things you've done to it. All the images we have so far are linked below.


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Nexus 5, 1st Gen Chromebook Pixel No Longer Available For Sale On Google Play [Updated]

Snagging a Nexus 5 from the Play Store hasn't been the easiest thing since the Nexus 6's launch, with the affordable handset fluctuating in and out of stock. The red and white versions disappeared before the end of the year, while the black option soldiered on for people who consider the Nexus 6 too big, too expensive, or both.

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[Flash All The Things] Lollipop 5.0 Nexus OTA ZIP File Roundup

Of our many jobs here at Android Police, one is to make our readers' lives easier when we can. With that in mind, here's a roundup of every known Nexus Lollipop OTA. As new ones become available, this post will be updated accordingly.

Lollipop will be released to Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2012 and 2013), and 10, plus bugfix OTAs to Nexus 6 and 9. As I'm sure you've guessed, there will be plenty of files to be had.

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Black Nexus 5 Back In Stock On U.S. Google Play In 16GB And 32GB

Google typically phases the previous generation Nexus out whenever a new model comes to replace it, but the Nexus 6 is a partially massive device that leaves plenty of reasons to prefer 2013's smaller option. Unfortunately, the device has faded in and out of stock since its successor arrived, leaving folks to hunt on eBay and elsewhere. But now the Nexus 5 is back in the Play Store in both 16GB and 32GB.

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Google Posts Android 5.0.1 (LRX22C) Factory Image For Nexus 5 With Matching Binaries

It was a little behind the 2014 Nexus devices, but the venerable Nexus 5 is getting its update to Android 5.0.1 today. Along with that, there's a full factory image so you can flash your beloved 5-inch Nexus back to stock. Joy.

2014-12-15 17_04_11-Factory Images for Nexus Devices - Android — Google Developers

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[Update: Rolling Out] Nexus 5 To Receive Android 5.0.1 OTA Update Today According To Sprint And T-Mobile

Update: Here is the link to the OTA file, direct from Google's servers.

We get excited about bugfix releases around these parts, even if they don't bring the kind of glossy user-facing changes that the big updates do. Android 5.0.1 hit AOSP early this month, and now it looks like the over-the-air update will be on its way to Nexus 5 owners before the end of today. Sprint and T-Mobile have both shared the news themselves.

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Google Has Ended Sales Of The Red And White Nexus 5, Only Black Remains

If you are the proud owner of a white or red Nexus 5, cradle your baby extra close tonight. It's now an endangered species. Google has removed the red and white options from the Play Store. leaving only the black N5 for those who like the Nexus experience, but hate big phones.

2014-12-10 16_39_08-Nexus 5 (16GB, Black) - Devices on Google Play

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