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[Update: Back In Stock] Nexus 4 8GB Model Goes Out Of Stock On The US Play Store

Update 2: The Nexus 4 8GB model appears to be back in stock once again on the US Play Store, with a shipping estimate of 2-3 weeks.

Update: Apparently, some people are still seeing the 8GB version as still shipping in 2-3 weeks. However, if you actually attempt to place an order, you'll get the "An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later" message. So, it's probably out of stock everywhere in the US, the change may just not have propagated across the internet quite yet.

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[Update x2: Germany And Canada, Too] Nexus 4 Once Again Available In The US Play Store

The Nexus 4 is back in stock on the US Play Store (both the 8GB and 16GB models), as predicted. So, if you want one, go buy it. Now. HURRY. Oh, and the bumper case is available too. The Nexus 4 is also in stock in the German Play Store, though bumper cases do not appear to be available in Deutschland.

Update: Looks like sales are now live in Canada, as well.

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[Update: Get It Now!] The Nexus 4 Has Popped Up On Best Buy's Website - Handsets On The Way?

Update: The Best Buy page is live and taking orders right now - estimated shipping is 3-5 days. No sign of handsets being sold in-store, unfortunately (no in-store pickup either).


If you're one of many of us in the US still seeking out a Nexus 4, it appears another purchasing option may be springing up shortly, at everyone's favorite defunct-business-model brick and mortar electronics retailer. That'd be Best Buy, in case the allusion wasn't clear, where a listing for the newest Nexus handset has just appeared.

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T-Mobile Sells Out Of Nexus 4 Stock Online Hours After Google Adds Link From Play Store

Nexus 4's are a hot commodity at the moment, and it seems T-Mobile is feeling the heat. The carrier, who is the only operator partner for the Nexus 4 in the US, has sold out of handsets online, though your luck at brick and mortar stores might be better. This happened mere hours after Google added a link to T-Mobile's website on the Nexus 4 Play Store listing, which is likely being bombarded with more F5's than Reddit in the late afternoon.

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Want To Know If The Nexus 4 / 7 / 10 Is In Stock In Your Country? Use This Handy Availability Checker

Yeah, we know, Google goofed the Nexus 4 launch. It's a bummer. But if you didn't manage to get your order in, you can now obsessively check availability in your respective country using the Play Store Availability Checker. The site offers two view options: the whole Nexus device list for your respective country (link), or a list for a single device in all Play Store countries (link).

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Google Clarifies Nexus 4 / 10 Availability: Orders And Shipments Start November 13th, No Pre-Orders

Have you been chomping at the bit to figure out when you'll actually be receiving that Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 from the Play Store that you're definitely going to buy? Well, here's your answer, straight from Google: orders will begin for both on the 13th, and those orders will start shipping the same day. No pre-orders will be taken. So, if you go for overnight shipping, you could theoretically have sweet Nexus goodness the very next day - November 14th.

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