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Blade Runner 2049 hands-on: Yet another hero collection RPG

The highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049 film first hit theatres in October 2017, and it is usually around this release window that we see tie-in games pop up on the Play Store. That's not what has happened here. Apparently Next Games and Warner Bros. aren't bothered by the idea of releasing such a game a year after the film that inspires it, though I have to wonder why it took this much time to clone the gameplay found in MARVEL Strike Force.

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The Walking Dead: Our World shambles its way onto the Play Store

Ever since Pokémon GO hit the scene, augmented reality games saw a drastic rise in popularity. Sure, it may have taken a year or two for eager developers to catch up to Niantic's work, but now that Draconius GOJurassic World Alive, and today's release of The Walking Dead: Our World are available, players have more than a few options to choose from in their quest to find the best massively-multiplayer online AR game available on the Google Play Store.

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