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Newsstand section disappears from Play Store, now exists only in Google News app

In a rare move of consolidation, Google merged Google Play Newsstand features into the Google News app in May, and shut down its News & Weather app. After the shake up, it was only a matter of time before the Newsstand section on the Play Store disappeared altogether. Now the inevitable has transpired — Newsstand is no longer available in on the top or side menu of the Google Play Store. Additionally, the URL for Newsstand now redirects to the Google News app.

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Google now allows Play balances to be used on Newsstand subscriptions (except in European Economic Area countries)

Google Play credit just got a little more valuable in some countries, thanks to Google expanding Play balances to cover Newsstand subscriptions. However, this change does not benefit anyone who lives in any of the 31 European Economic Area countries.

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Google Play Newsstand v4.2 incorporates app shortcuts [APK Download]

Since the official launch of App Shortcuts, most of Google's popular apps have been updated to include at least one or two convenient ways to jump to your preferred screens. Play Newsstand was just added to the list with a few shortcuts of its own. There are four new shortcuts including: For You, Library Digest, Magazines, and Read Later. This mostly matches the pages accessible through the bottom nav bar added in v4.0, but trades out the Explore tab for Magazines.

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Google Play Newsstand v4.0 begins rolling out with a major redesign [APK Download]

Play Newsstand has been quietly going without an update for much longer than normal, and now we can see why. Version 4.0 began rolling out yesterday and it's packed with a whole new look and a few new features. If recent events haven't scared you away from reading news, there's a link at the bottom of this post where you can grab the latest update from APK Mirror and skip ahead of the regular rollout schedule.

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[Update: Lebanon Too] Paid Google Play Newsstand Content Comes To 8 Middle Eastern Countries


Newsstand v3.5 Receives Further Visual Tweaks And Pushes Top News To... Well, The Top [APK Download]

Just last week, users of Play Newsstand woke up to a newly redesigned article layout. An update to the apk began rolling out late yesterday that continues the visual adjustments, this time making changes to the content of the news feeds and categories. The highlights section has also been reordered to place leading stories right at the top so they're more accessible. As usual, you can grab the apk from a link at the bottom.

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Google Play Newsstand Gets A New Cleaner Article Layout

Google Play Newsstand is gearing up to get an update, at least according to its Play Store listing on the web, but even though the new version is still on a slow rollout, another change is hitting the app. This one doesn't require an update and seems to have been server-triggered widely. At least 4 Android Police members are seeing it and we were able to confirm it shows up on other friends' devices too.

A new layout is greeting us on the article view of Newsstand. All other screens appear to be untouched, but if you open an article, you'll notice a few new things.

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Paid Google Play Newsstand Content Goes Live In Argentina, Chile, Colombia, And Peru

This many decades into the Internet's existence, the publishing industry is still in a state of flux. Do we upload everything to free websites and pump out stories in an endless stream? Do we continue printing articles on paper? Some may scoff at the idea, but this Android Police writer, despite writing for a blog, still enjoys reading things in print.

Google Play Newsstand offers something of a middle ground. You get the layout and style of the print magazine, but you get the instant availability and portability of electronic content. And now you can buy those subscriptions in the South American countries of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

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Play Newsstand 3.4.4 Is Live In The Play Store, Adds Scores And News About Your Favorite NHL, NBA, NFL, And MLB Teams [APK Download]

Play Newsstand is one of those apps that I really like, but I don't find myself launching nearly as often as I probably "should." Not sure why, but I really only use it for magazines, and I often forget that it even does the news thing. Oops.

Now, however, I have a new reason to tap that little blue icon: Google added support for scores and news about athletic teams. Seeing as how I'm a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan, I love the idea of having access to something aside from Bleacher Report's Team Stream app to get all the latest on what's happening with my boys in the windy city.

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Play Newsstand v3.4.3 Adds Auto-Download For Magazine Subscribers And Returns Unsubscribe To The Read Now Overflow Menu [APK Download]

Play Newsstand v3.4.3 has started making its way from the Play Store to avid readers, and it has a pair of features users have been asking for. Magazine subscribers will be happy to know auto-download has been added to give them convenient delivery of each new issue as it is released. Readers with a focus on current events will find the Unsubscribe option has been returned to the Read Now overflow menu where it is easily accessible but won't be tapped accidentally.

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One of the best things about digital magazines is that they can be stored on a device and saved for occasions when little or no data connectivity is available.

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