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Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro owners can now flash the Android 11 Beta

Last week, Xiaomi promised it would bring the Android 11 beta to its Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro phones. This week, it's delivering on the goods.

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Stadia Premiere Edition now priced down at $100, drops bundled Pro sub and Buddy Pass

Google soft-launched its game streaming service, Stadia, with sales of a Founders Edition hardware kit that contained a Chromecast Ultra, a controller optimized for the experience, and three months of Stadia Pro access for $129. Now, after Stadia's full debut, what's now known as the Premiere Edition is shedding that Pro pass while also dropping its price appropriately.

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Big Dropbox update will finally let you sync folders outside the Dropbox folder with selective sync

Dropbox has finally fessed up to beta testing a new password manager app. That's just one of several service improvements it announced today that will enhance ease of use and security. But the one that takes the cake today is the ability to sync selected folders from the desktop.

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Gboard redundantly suggests podcasts on Google Podcasts redundantly

Gboard, Google's own keyboard app, is able to suggest a variety of items to autocomplete a sentence or even autofill a form. Its powers have also been seamlessly integrated into other Google functions. Now, if you're looking up a podcast, Gboard on Android will even start nudging you towards shows with every letter you type.

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LG Velvet coming to North America and elsewhere in the coming weeks

As we're used to for the past several years now, LG leaves very few secrets on the table about the phones it's going to launch. Indeed, the new Velvet phone  was teased quite early on as the successor to the longstanding G-series. Tomorrow, it goes on pre-sale in South Korea and we're now getting a clearer look at what we can expect out of the phone.

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You may soon be able to call 'out of office' on the Google Calendar app

We all need to put up the "out of office" flag every once in a while for an urgent event or some off-time. Those who've been on a G Suite team for the past couple of years could actually schedule OOO blocks on the web version of Google Calendar. Now, we've just gotten a look at how the feature may translate on mobile if and when it ever rolls out widely.

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All Stadia Pro subscribers, including lapsed ones, get $10 off their next game


WhatsApp fixes issue that exposed some users' phone numbers to search engines

Facebook went on a whack-a-mole expedition patching a security vulnerability that exposed thousands of WhatsApp users' phone numbers with a fairly simple Google search. The Indian researcher who found this loophole is also crying foul for not being able to receive a bounty for his bug find.

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Unlocked Galaxy A51 deal takes price down to $270 ($130 off) on Amazon

The Galaxy A51 is a splendid $400 phone in a time where the cream of the crop tends to float farther and farther out of affordable reach. But Samsung's latest spotlight mid-ranger can be even better with a good ol' price cut. Amazon's got that cut — if you're willing to deal with a few small catches — taking a good $100 and change off its MSRP.

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Two robocall ringleaders face record $225 million FCC fine

Robocalls may be the bane of any decent person. Industry players and regulators have committed to stopping and punishing those evildoers. Indeed, the FCC has been going after them and just proposed a record $225 million fine against two telemarketers who spoofed about 1 billion robocalls over the course of four-and-a-half months in 2019. There's also a lawsuit led by seven state attorneys general that could cause some more damage. But will these dastardly dialers end up paying anywhere close to these numbers? The short answer is probably not.

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