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New Google accounts will have stronger default location and web privacy settings

Last year, Google users could start limiting how long the company could hold on to their activity on apps, the web, and with location logging. But from today, the company will turn on these so-called auto-delete controls by default when people create new accounts and use its services. This is but one of a slew of changes it is making to improve user comfort on its platform.

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Insignia and Toshiba's new 4K Fire TVs start at $240

Amazon, through Insignia and Toshiba, is iterating on its entry-level 4K Fire TV Editions with new 43", 50", and 55" models for 2020. Some are available for purchase right now between the U.S. and Canada with stark differences in starting prices.

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UK getting Samsung Pay Card, an aggregated credit card, later this year


Spanish grammar suggestions now available in Google Docs for G Suite teams

If you're a Google Docs user in a G Suite team, you're probably still coming to grips with some new assistive writing features like grammar tips, autocorrect, and Smart Compose. Soon, those features will be adapted for Spanish drafters as well. It all starts with neural network-powered grammatical suggestions this week.

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Stadia shares July Pro freebies, latest deals, and news on Wave Break's debut

Google's game streaming service is entering a new month with more deals and free games for its paid subscribers and just more games, period. From a game creator game — yep, that's a thing — to a sale on Metro Exodus, here's the rundown for what's new in Stadia for July (and the last week of June).

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Google Fi and Google Voice numbers can finally co-exist on a Google account

The long-awaited separation of Google Fi and Google Voice is finally complete, which means Google account owners can own Fi and Voice phone numbers. This means that Google Fi users will be able to make calls through Google Voice, that Google Voice users will be able to forward calls to their Google Fi number, and vice versa.

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Save $250 on Nest Cam IQ Indoor/Outdoor 2-packs and much more

If you weren't around for that last wallop of discounts back in April, you'll be glad to know that Google has put a whole bunch of Nest products on sale. If you need a video doorbell, smart lock, or security camera, you've got through July 8 to save on them.

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Spotify is shoving ad links with embedded promo codes into some podcast listings

Spotify has been acquiring and promoting podcasts at an aggressive rate. Now, it looks to quicken the pace on monetization by letting brands in on a new ad campaign integration it is testing for its original shows and a major expansion to its programmatic advertising technology platform.

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Google is using the Assistant to call businesses and check stock


Save more than 20% off Rocksolar's power stations and solar panels on Woot right now

If you need all the power you can get away from a place with any real electrical wiring, Amazon subsidiary Woot is holding a sale on an array of Rocksolar portable power stations and solar panels today until 10 p.m. PDT. You'll be saving at least 40% on up to 400W of capacity and 60W of sunny energy.

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