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LinkedIn Pulse Gets Updated, Offers A More Personalized Business-Oriented News Feed

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has been trying to dissect its social network into several parts that it builds dedicated apps for. Luckily, these apps are usually non-essential, so you can skip them if you want to or use them if you find their features handy. Pulse is one such example. Think of it as Flipboard for LinkedIn, ie a news reader that focuses on your industry and your interests, and lets you discover relevant articles and people.

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Flipboard Expands Its Curated News Service To The Desktop With New Website

Since its launch in 2010 (on iOS, natch), Flipboard has been strictly mobile-only. Even after it expanded to Android a couple of years ago, users could only ever view and manage their feeds via a phone or tablet. It made sense: the whole point of Flipboard is that the service reformats stories for easy mobile reading and wraps them in a touch-friendly interface. But all that changes today - you can now read your Flipboard stories and feeds on

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[New App] News+, From Developer Of gReader, Hits The Play Store With Loads Of Features And Multi-Service Support

We’re coming up on the 6-month anniversary of the shutdown of Google Reader; and while some people might still be a little jaded about losing the beloved service, most have moved on to one of the many alternatives that popped up to replace it. Several great feed aggregators exist, many offering innovative improvements over Reader, but their mobile apps may not fit your needs. The developer of gReader, noinnion, intends to solve that with the release of News+, a feature-rich and very customizable news reader app with support for several services.

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[New App] Flyne Is A New Offline News Reader From The Maker Of Falcon Pro, Powered by Twitter And Feedly

Every time I try a new non-AOSP Android device, I lament the lack of Google's News & Weather app and its excellent widget. But the latest app from Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Verges might just get me to let go of that standby. Flyne is a news reader in the vein of Press and Flipboard, but it's powered by curated Twitter lists and your own Twitter and Feedly content.

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Setup is simple, at least for the free version: select your topics of interest from a wide list, and Flyne will populate your personal news list with authoritative sources for that particular niche.

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[New App] Circa News Reader Lands In The Play Store, Offers Bite-Sized News That's Tailored To Mobile Devices

It's not hard to keep track of the news on your smartphone, as seemingly every major news organization (in the US at least) has released their own app. People who don't like the idea of bouncing back and forth between apps can use a dedicated RSS reader or any number of curated news offerings ranging from Flipboard to Google's own Currents. But there's one issue that none of these apps address - they deliver full-length articles to people who may not want or have time to read such lengthy content on their phones.

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Flipboard Updated To Version 1.9.7, Brings Audio To Your Newsfeeds

Flipboard was one of the most hotly anticipated app launches on Android this last year. This super-pretty news reader first debuted on the iPad, where it turned a lot of heads before arriving on Android. This most recent update adds audio streams to Flipboard's magazine-like UI.

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For those that aren't aware, Flipboard is a news reader that plugs into your various social accounts to find content. This part isn't terribly special, but by combining the news stories it finds in your social feeds with categories you subscribe to, the app builds a kind of digital magazine out of your news.

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[New App] PressReader For Honeycomb Brings A Real Newspaper Experience To Your Android Tablet

While Honeycomb already has a few good magazine readers, like Zinio for example, there isn't much in the area of newspaper readers. Enter PressReader for Honeycomb, a new app that brings over 1,800 different newspapers from 95 different countries to your Android tablet.

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PressReader allows you to read your favorite newspaper in digital format while still retaining its printed appearance. You can set up automatic subscriptions, sort through publications by language and location, share articles, or even listen to your paper.

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