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Newegg's Black Friday includes sales on ZTE Axon 10, microSD cards, TVs, and more

Retailers are ramping up for Black Friday, and the latest store to release its roster of sales for the big day is Newegg. While the list might not be too interesting if you're not into PCs, there are a few non-computer items at low prices.

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There's an Nvidia Shield TV dongle, and it just completely leaked on Newegg

If you thought Nvidia's dormant Shield lineup was shaken up today with news of a Shield TV Pro being listed on Amazon for a hot second, prepare for an earthquake: as of time of writing, Newegg Canada is hosting a product page for another Shield TV item — this one's a dongle.

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Amazon's Echo Spot is down to just $90 ($40 off)

If can't decide between getting a smart speaker or a display, the Echo Spot is a great compromise, as it's compact yet offers the same features as a larger intelligent screen. The device is designed to fit almost anywhere, and this deal will make its price almost as small as its size: Newegg is running a flash sale on the Echo Spot, selling it for just $90, which is $40 cheaper than its regular price.

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Grab a pair of refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless earbuds for $110 ($80 off)

The Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds are getting a bit old at this point, but as long as you don't mind the microUSB port for charging, they're still a good pair of truly wireless earbuds. Now you can grab manufacturer-refurbished models for just $109.99 on Newegg, an $80 savings over the original price.

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Lighten up your yard with this 3-pack Philips Hue White and Color Lily outdoor lights for $244 ($36 off)

When I want to set up a nice atmosphere in my living room, I rely on my Philips Hue Iris bulbs to create a cosy setting with relaxing colors. What I enjoy even more is how simple it is to control them using my Google Home and how easily they integrate with routines. If you want to extend this nice ambiance to your garden, you can save a few bucks when buying three outdoor Lily spots lights for $232 plus $12 for shipping. This is about $36 less than what they sell for on Amazon.

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Get two TP-Link smart light switches from Newegg for $40 ($14 off)

Need a light switch? Want to not have to actually flip the switch when you want to turn some lights on or off? There's quite the selection of smart switches out there that connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and TP-Link makes a few of them. But if you want to get a couple of them today, you'll be able to save quite a bit of money if you get them from Newegg.

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Jabra's highly regarded true wireless earbuds are down to $150 plus a $25 gift card

It seems like every audio company offers true wireless earbuds nowadays, and Jabra is no different. In fact, Jabra offers four models at varying price points. Its Elite Active 65t is currently just $149.99 with a free $25 gift card from Newegg, and there are even more savings to be had with refurbs.

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Newegg will start charging sales tax in Florida and 7 other states starting July 1st

Newegg is one of the best places to buy electronics online, and we've posted countless deals from the store over the past few years. Internet-based stores have largely been exempt in the past from paying U.S. state taxes, but those legal loopholes are slowly being closed. B&H Photo recently started charging sales tax in almost all states, and now Newegg is following suit.

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[Update: Get four for $350] Secure your home with a three-camera Arlo Pro pack for just $300 ($280 off)

At the age of 4K screens and videos, 720p cameras almost seem outdated. Despite a lower image quality, they're still perfectly capable and way better than old-school CCTV systems. However, as new products with sharper pictures come out, the price of first-gen Arlo Pro cameras keeps dropping and has hit one of the lowest it's ever been, with a three-pack selling for $300, instead the $580 MSRP.

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Nvidia Shield TV and SmartThings Link bundle drops to $179 ($41 off)

Sales on the Nvidia Shield TV are relatively rare – as compared to some of our other favorite devices – so this one immediately caught my interest. You can grab the best Android TV box around and get a SmartThings Link for free, basically. You have to buy the Smart Home bundle, obviously.

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