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[Update: Event ticket sales open] The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro will be unveiled on May 14 in New York

The hype surrounding the next OnePlus phone(s) has been hotting up lately, with rumors pointing to two new devices being readied. Today, the company has announced that the OnePlus 7 Pro launch event will be held in NYC on May 14.

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Google announces Manhattan campus expansion

Google first established office space in New York in 2000, in a space that had formerly been a Starbucks. Since then, the company's New York operation has ballooned to more than 7,000 employees working on a range of products, including big-ticket services like Search and Maps. Google has announced that in order to accommodate its growing East Coast workforce, it's set in motion plans to move into three new Lower Manhattan office spaces.

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Metro by T-Mobile plans are available today with 5G coming in 2019

It was announced that MetroPCS would become Metro by T-Mobile a couple of weeks ago, the re-branding coming with some enticing perks like free Amazon Prime membership. The shift took place today — and apparently award-winning actor and producer Keegan-Michael Key is the new service's first customer.

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Android tablets coming to taxis in New York City

Android tablets may be dying out in the consumer market, but you might be seeing more of them if you live in New York. Curb Mobility announced on Thursday that its fleet of NYC taxis will soon be updated to include not one, but two Android tablets. 'Dash' will replace the legacy digital meters currently in use by drivers, and 'Ryde' will display media content for passengers.

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Everybody calm down: that Brooklyn Note7 explosion reported by the NY Post was actually a Galaxy Core Prime

There's no denying that the Galaxy Note 7 recall is a big deal, but as with any big story, a little caution is called for when reporting on it. There are in fact other things that can catch fire besides the Note 7, including - gasp! - other smartphones. Such is the case with one of the more dramatic reports of a Galaxy Note 7 malfunction. As it turns out this New York Post article about a 6-year-old injured by an exploding Note 7 (which still hasn't been updated or corrected (update: see below)) is in fact about a Galaxy Core Prime, an entirely different Samsung phone model.

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New York's LinkNYC WiFi Hubs Have Built-In Android Tablets Now

LinkNYC is an ambitious plan to cover the Big Apple in free super-fast gigabit WiFi using a series of hotspots that will replace all those boring old payphones. Starting today, the first updated LinkNYC WiFi access points are up and running with their own Android tablets, ready to provide quick access to maps, a browser, calls, and city services.

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Roomi Moves Into The Play Store, Simplifies Roommate Search In Select US Cities

My only understanding of the roommate concept comes from movies and TV series. The way it's always portrayed is with people hanging up flyers with detachable numbers that others can call to enquire about a certain room available for rent. That's so last century. Nowadays we have the internet and there are useful/creepy places like Craigslist to find roommates, but with services like Airbnb making it easier to communicate with people before you let them into your home, a roommate equivalent service was bound to pop up. That's Roomi.

Roomi has been available on iOS since June, but it just made the relocation to both Android and the Web.

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Google Shopping Express Same-Day Delivery Service Expanded To Manhattan And Western Los Angeles

If most of your exposure to American culture comes from television and movies, you might get the impression that everyone in the country lives in New York or LA, with just New Jersey and some cattle spread thin in the middle. The people who do live in New York and LA seem to think that's the case anyway. Coastal urbanites, Google is ready to indulge your fantasies: Google Shopping users on Manhattan Island and the western portion of Los Angeles now have access to the Express delivery service.


Google Shopping Express is Google's answer to Amazon's same-day delivery service, among many other small-scale shopping and retail delivery options.

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[New App] Gametime Makes Last-Minute Sports Ticket Purchases Easy, But Only For Some Teams

Going to the ball game is wickedly expensive, which is probably why aftermarket ticket services are flourishing. But they're not exactly intuitive: you have to deal with shipping or meeting the seller in person, which is often a huge barrier if you're strapped for time. Enter Gametime, an app previously limited to iOS, which tries to combine great deals on last-minute ticket sales with a friendly, mobile-focused interface.

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Here's the gist: sports venues have unsold tickets to a game, which the Gametime app features with significant discounts, "up to 80% off." You buy the tickets through the Gametime app, and immediately after paying you've got a scannable ticket on your phone.

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[New App] Drizly Delivers Liquor Quicker To City Slickers (In Boston And New York, Anyway)

We've all been there: you're hours deep in a friendly get together, poker game, or Android Police podcast. Suddenly disaster strikes - your spirits run out, both literally and figuratively. If you've got the brand new Drizly app for Android, you can resupply your booze in under an hour without ever having to leave the house. Unfortunately, this incredible service is only available in very specific parts of Boston, Manhattan, and Brooklyn for the time being.

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The app is pretty simple, just input your location and payment information (they'll check to make sure you're 21) and pick out the beer, wine, or hard liquor you want.

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