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Report: Amazon's working on a Stadia competitor, but it might be delayed due to coronavirus

The New York Times reports that Amazon will follow in Stadia's footsteps with its own cloud gaming service, currently code-named Project Tempo. Details are sparse, but Amazon's general plans were confirmed just earlier today, with the service expected to launch this year — though coronavirus could push it back.

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OnePlus 7 Pro confirmed to have neither notch nor bezel

OnePlus is in a spending mood as it gears up to debut its OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro on May 14. Sure, talk might be cheap: executives and online media have been doing a lot of it about the Pro's unique display in recent days. But the company may have put forth its largest advertising commitment yet in telling the world that the OnePlus 7 Pro will not have a notch in its display.

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The New York Times has released a Daydream-compatible virtual reality app


[Update: Walkout plans, Andy Rubin and Google respond] Google allegedly paid $90 million severance to Andy Rubin after misconduct allegation

Nearly a year ago, Andy Rubin took a leave of absence from Essential, after The Information alleged that he was in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate while he led the Android team at Google. Rubin returned to Essential not long after, but now more details about his time at Google have been released by The New York Times.

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The New York Times releases its Chinese Edition Android app

The New York Times website exists in 3 language flavors: English, Spanish, and Chinese, and now the latter is graduating to also become a standalone Android app. You may be wondering why a website that's blocked in China would release an app on an app store that's also not legally available in China, but you'd be forgetting that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with native speakers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and plenty of Southeast Asian countries, not to count all the Chinese immigrants around the world. Plus those inside Mainland China who use proxies to access restricted content.

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The New York Times Launches NYT VR, A Series Of Virtual Reality Films - Over One Million Subscribers Will Get Free Google Cardboard Headsets

The New York Times is nicknamed "The Grey Lady" of the traditional news media. That being the case, they might not be your first guess if you were told to predict which newspaper would dive headfirst into virtual reality. But that appears to be the case: the Times announced today that it's launching a new series of short investigative films intended to be viewed on the new crop of VR headsets that use phones as viewers, like Google Cardboard and Samsung VR. The first entry, "The Displaced," follows refugee children from the Sudan, Ukraine, and Syria. Three films will be published this year with more expected in 2016.

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NYTimes App Updated With Support For Smart Lock Logins [APK Download]

One of the coolest bits of news from Google I/O last week was the expansion of Smart Lock into password management. If your Google account has a saved password for a service, Smart Lock can automatically log you into an app. The newest addition to the list of supported apps is the official New York Times app.


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NYTimes - Latest News App Receives Major Update With Material Design Makeover

A major update for a major news publication's Android application has dropped in the Play Store. The NYTimes - Latest News app has donned its new material design duds, and I have to say, it looks pretty good.  The new design is very clean and stark, with white backgrounds and menus standing in sharp contrast to black text and icons. It actually looks a lot like... well... a newspaper. You know, now that I think about it, that might have been intentional.

In addition to the new look and feel, the app features a number of other improvements. You can now customize it to highlight your favorite sections and they will be made available for offline reading.

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New York Times Android App Gains Support For The International Edition Of The Paper In Version 3.9

The New York Times is a brand recognized around the world, and now the Android app is equipped to service readers who reside out of the US. The international edition of the paper is now selectable in the app settings.

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New York Times App Updated With A Night Mode And Customizable Widget

The New York Times, old guard or not, is still a huge source of news to a lot of people and to the company's credit, it's paying a decent amount of attention to its mobile apps. Now the publication is issuing an update that brings a night mode that inverts the colors for easier night reading. As someone who likes to minimize the amount of bright white light blasting into my eyes, I appreciate the option.

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Additionally, the company is adding a customizable widget that, frankly, gets nearly everything right: it's resizable, you can customize which categories show up in the feed, and there is an easy button to change the widget settings if you should so choose.

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