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Jingle (Door)Bells: Winter ringtones are now available on Nest Hello (Update: Ringtone previews)

In time for the holiday season, Google today announced that it's flipping on the Nest Hello winter ringtones. Just like during Halloween, you have a number of options to choose from in the Nest app to bring the festive spirit to everyone visiting your home.

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Blizzard announces Hearthstone's next expansion will begin the Year of the Dragon

Blizzard has announced the new yearly rotation for Hearthstone, and it's called the Year of the Dragon. The next expansion to release in 2019 will signal the beginning of this newly-announced year. Over the next twelve months, three new 130-card expansions will be coming our way, and each one will be tied to the last thanks to a continuous story that will span across all three.

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Lyft Replaces Its Signature Fuzzy Mustaches With New Glowstaches, Brings Rides To Philadelphia

Lyft users have grown accustomed to seeing a pink balloon in their app drawers, but this year, that changes. The ride-sharing service has decided to kick off 2015 with a new look.

Lyft-Thumb Lyft-Thumb

In addition to the redesigned icon, the company is replacing the fuzzy mustaches that decorate each of its cars. Now drivers will mark their vehicles with bright, magenta glowstaches. While similar in shape, these new creations will glow in the dark, making them easier to see after the sun sets.


Here, view it in motion.

There's another change that may put a smile on the face of several million potential riders: Lyft is coming to Philadelphia, bringing the number of supported markets up to 60. Residents

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GTV Hacker Rebranded To For The New Year, Because No One Uses Google TV Anymore

I'm sorry, Logitech Revue fans: at this point it's impossible to deny that Google TV is irrelevant. That being the case, the folks at GTV Hacker, who have provided us with many a tool and exploit for Google-branded set-top boxes and other hardware, have decided to say goodbye to their old and somewhat targeted moniker. GTV Hacker is now because really good URLs are basically hard to find. (It's a play on "exploiters.")


The official blog post announcing the change points out that the team has released exploits for over 40 devices in four years, only 1/3rd of which have actually been for Google TV.

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Amazon Is Back With Another Bunch Of Appstore Freebies For New Year's Eve: 33 Apps And Games, $110 Value

It seems like every holiday Amazon comes back with another handful of paid apps to give away for free. It's New Year's Eve in most of the world, so here's the latest batch: a series of 33 games and apps that you can get for free, gratis, and nothing. None of these are exactly a must-have, but hey, why not add them to your Amazon account - you can use them on just about any Android device with the external Appstore package. If you bought all of the apps and games on offer today, they'd add up to over $100 USD.

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[New App] Sincerely Ink Lets You Create And Send High Quality Holiday Cards Directly From Your Mobile Device

This time of year brings many common traditions, one of which is to send out holiday greeting cards to friends and family. You could: go to the store, pick from what they have to offer, buy the one that sucks the least, take it home, fill each one out... you get the idea.

Or, you could just grab this new app from Sincerely Ink called "Holiday Cards," skip the store, and do it all from your mobile device. Which sounds easier? Thought so.

ss-480-0-0 ss-480-1-0 ss-480-3-0

So, here's what you get: over thirty cards and illustrations to choose from, including religious, non-religious, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year themes.

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Rovio Launches Pre-orders For An Angry Birds Plush Toy Collection [Bonus: Angry Birds Halloween Pics]

Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, one of the most successful franchises to hit mobile gaming, is slowly starting to spread into our daily lives outside of our mobile devices. No, I'm not talking about all the Halloween awesomeness that we've been seeing today:

image image image image

image image image image image

I am talking about the official Angry Birds plush toys that just dropped for pre-order. These furry little things are produced by Commonwealth Toys and come in 5 different versions. They cost $14.99 a pop, measure 8" in size, and will be ready to ship by December, just in time for New Years and Christmas gift giving.

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