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Firefox Preview Nightly introduces a bottom sheet for tab selection

Mozilla has been working on a brand-new version of Firefox for Android for more than a year already, and while we thought that the general design and navigation were already finalized for the time being, the company is more open to experimentation than we anticipated. It's currently testing a complete revamp of the tab switcher in the Nightly version of Firefox Preview, giving it a dedicated spot in a new bottom sheet.

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[Update: Live] Chrome may soon add ability to import new tab backgrounds from Google Photos

Google added the option to customize Chrome's new tab page with a very familiar-looking selection of wallpapers last month. But if you thought Google was done working on the new tab page, you'd be wrong. About Chromebooks recently discovered a new change in Chromium Gerrit that'll allow users to import their new tab backgrounds from Google Photos as well.

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Google is testing different placements for the new-tab button in Chrome Canary

It's no secret that Google may be planning a "Material Design 2" refresh for Chrome, possibly timed to roll out on or near the browser's 10th birthday in September. The new-tab button is one of the more visible elements that's being tinkered with, and now Google is testing a few different positions for that button via a new flag.

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[Update: Fixed, improved] New tabs on Chrome will soon be customizable with wallpapers

Chrome's new tab page has been plain white for as long as I can remember, with users seeking more customization opting for various other solutions. However, it seems like Google has finally seen the light, having added a "Customize background" button in the latest version of Chrome Canary on desktop. Too bad it isn't functional yet.

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PSA: Chrome Dev allows you to modify recommended sites or articles, sort of

Many weren't happy with the change that shows recommended sites and articles in Chrome 54 - Android Police team members included - and while I personally do not mind them, I can see why you would prefer not to have Google recommend stuff you may not like.

In light of this, Chrome developer evangelist François Beaufort has come to the rescue. A new Chrome internals page, in the latest builds of Chrome Dev, allows modification of the recommended sites and articles, at least somewhat. chrome://ntp-tiles-internals controls what is shown on the page, with an update button to update the popular sites and function to change the region you get sites from (for example, I'm in the UK so I see the UK versions of sites).

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PSA: You can disable the recommended articles on Chrome 54's New Tab page

The recent Chrome 54 release brought an updated New Tab screen, which replaces the Bookmarks and Recent tabs buttons at the bottom with an 'Articles for you' section. I was not a fan of that change, and judging by some of the comments on that post, neither were most of you. Thankfully, tipster Matt informed us that this can be easily disabled.

To turn off this feature, simply set the two flags below to Disabled.

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