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Verizon will give first responders new, actually unlimited data plan and priority access in wake of CA firefighter throttling

Verizon has decided to remove all speed cap restrictions for first responder subscribers, like the California firefighters who recently experienced throttling on their "unlimited" plan. A new actually unlimited plan with priority access and without caps is also being developed, and the company pledges to lift restrictions in the future for "public safety customers" like the California firefighters in future disaster events.

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Verizon adds 500MB plan for $30/month, 3G mobile hotspot to Prepaid Unlimited plan, and $5/day prepaid Travel Passes

Verizon has just announced a couple of changes to its network, including a new 500MB plan for $30, the addition of 3G mobile hotspot to Prepaid Unlimited, and Travel Passes for prepaid users that'll make visiting Mexico and Canada a little bit easier. This news comes after last month's addition of 500MB of LTE per day to Go Unlimited customers in the same two countries.

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Boost Mobile $35 Plan Will Supply 2.5GB Of 4G LTE To Customers Who Commit To Automatic Payments Starting Feb. 3rd

Boost Mobile is one of the many ways you can get on the Sprint network without paying Sprint prices. The prepaid brand offers smartphone plans with unlimited talk and text going from $35 (1GB of data) to $55 (10GB). Starting on February 3rd, it will offer any customer that enrolls in Auto Re-Boost 2.5GB for the price of 1.

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For comparison, T-Mobile provides 2GB of data for $45 with its Simple Starter Plan. MetroPCS offers 2GB for $40 a month. Boost Mobile's plan will undercut both.

Auto Re-Boost is a fancy name for monthly automatic payments. This way you don't have to worry about making sure your account stays current (and Boost Mobile has a better chance of getting your money).

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AT&T Adds Rollover Data To All Mobile Share Value Plans Starting January 25th In Reponse To T-Mobile

AT&T has announced that it's taking the concept of rollover minutes or texts and applying it to data starting January 25th. This will only affect Mobile Share Value plans, but it will impact new and current customers alike.

The policy shift likely isn't coming out of the goodness of the carrier's heart (teehee, as if carriers have hearts). Instead, this looks like a calculated response to T-Mobile's recent decision to start rolling unused data over into the next month. That news came under the banner of Un-Carrier 8.0, because yes, we're up to eight of those now.

Regardless of the motivation, this change is good for consumers.

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[New App] FreedomPop Unveils Free Voice And Text App, New $20 'Unlimited' Plan With Access To Sprint LTE, And More

FreedomPop is the Sprint MVNO that's willing to provide you with free phone service, but if you really want to get much use out of it away from home, that price tag goes up rather quickly. Yet even then, the plans available aren't going to break the bank. Today the carrier has introduced a new $20 plan that comes with unlimited data. For the first time ever, FreedomPop customers can now tap into Sprint LTE (instead of WiMax), and this plan will provide up to 1GB of it a month (after which, phones are limited to 3G). Text messages and minutes are both unlimited, making this a pretty affordable way to stay connected.

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