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[Update: New top reviews, wider rollout] Google Play Store's redesigned ratings and reviews section lets you easily filter by star rating

While Google's new nearly all-white Material Design update for the Google Play Store has been rolling out and rolling back for many users since May 2018 eliciting mixed responses. Some say it's sleek and elegant, others dislike the brightness and lack of differentiation between elements. But one new change rolling out to some users is gaining praise from all sides - a refresh of the ratings and reviews section that lets users filter reviews quickly and efficiently by star rating.

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Snapchat 10 beta redesigns the interface with more accessible search and less focus on Discover

Snapchat is readying an update for its Android and iOS versions that brings a new interface with plenty of usability improvements and a few added features. The update is now rolling out to beta testers on Android so you can give it a go before it goes live for everyone — and thus feel cooler than the cool kids, I guess. Just don't use the word "thus" when you tell them that.

The new interface is more colorful with a blue title bar for chats and a purple one for stories. The Stories section also loses the Discover strip from the top. It now goes on the bottom instead, letting you focus first on the recent story updates from your friends.

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Kodi Media Center Is Getting A New Look In Version 17, Available Now In Nightly Builds

Looking to turn your Android device into a media center? If you plan on streaming everything over the Internet, there's Plex. If not, there's Kodi, the open source project formerly known as XBMC.

Kodi has looked the same since before its name change, sporting a theme it's had back when Android only dreamed of making its way into millions of households. There were other looks to pick from, but it's the default that sticks in our heads as the Kodi experience. And it's the default that the development team plans to change.

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Google Play's New Rating UI Is Now Showing Up On The Web

Earlier this month, Google began testing a new look for the review interface inside the Google Play app. The designers took away a dialog box and embedded it directly in the page. In the process, they removed the space to insert a title.

Now we're seeing this new look make its way to the web version of the Play Store as well.

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YouTube App Starts Introducing A New Record And Upload Screen And Updated Camcorder FAB For Some Users

Have you compared YouTube on your phone to YouTube on a friend's phone lately? There are better than average chances that the two are at least slightly different. The video consumption app is a bit like a snowflake, at least in the sense that it's not the same experience for any two people. The latest experiment for some users is introducing a new icon for the floating action button (FAB) and an entirely new screen for uploading content to YouTube.

2016-03-01 14.59.592016-03-01 16.35.35

Left: older look. Right: new look.

There's not much of a change to the FAB itself, just a new icon. The somewhat generic upload icon has been replaced by a camcorder.

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[Update: How To Get It Now] Google Begins Rolling Out New Google+ Design With Big Focus On Communities And Collections

Google consists of at least one, maybe two, trillion departments, and they each adopt new visual styles at their own pace. Even then, interfaces can vary from one device to another. Google+ looks one way in the Android app and another way entirely when you sign on from a PC. Now this particular Google department is pushing out a more unified look across devices, starting with the web.

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Lyft Replaces Its Signature Fuzzy Mustaches With New Glowstaches, Brings Rides To Philadelphia

Lyft users have grown accustomed to seeing a pink balloon in their app drawers, but this year, that changes. The ride-sharing service has decided to kick off 2015 with a new look.

Lyft-Thumb Lyft-Thumb

In addition to the redesigned icon, the company is replacing the fuzzy mustaches that decorate each of its cars. Now drivers will mark their vehicles with bright, magenta glowstaches. While similar in shape, these new creations will glow in the dark, making them easier to see after the sun sets.


Here, view it in motion.

There's another change that may put a smile on the face of several million potential riders: Lyft is coming to Philadelphia, bringing the number of supported markets up to 60. Residents

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eBay Updated To Version 2.7 With New Look, Better Search Results, In-App Notifications, And More

eBay has rolled out an update to its Android app that gives the UI a spiffy touch up. Pictures are bigger, there's more white space, and animations are smooth. I'd tell you the update makes everything look better, but that's for you to decide.

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MediaFire 2.0 Update Gives The Cloud Storage App A Cleaner UI, Automatic Backup, And More

Today the MediaFire Android app is turning 2.0, an age that resembles 20 but generally brings along more change in the life of an app. Software seemingly goes through digital puberty overnight and finds itself tucked inside a new body that looks different and similar at the same time. The latest version of MediaFire won't look unfamiliar to people who have known the app for a while, but most would probably say it has aged for the better.

media1 media2 media3


media4 media5 media6


There's very little that needs to be said about the new UI. It used to be clean, and now it looks even more so.

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