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The new Play Store "My Apps" screen layout is rolling out more widely

Remember the new Play Store "My Apps" screen layout that we spotted in testing in a dogfood version in February? Well, that appears to be rolling out more widely now, possibly even to everyone. You may need to clear the Play Store's app data and restart it to see the change (which might revert you back to the old lime green color for a bit before it switches back to the new darker green, thought I'd warn you), but it should be working for everyone now based on the number of tips we've received and on testing with our own devices. 

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[Hands-On] Google Contacts web rolls out a better looking Material Design interface to everyone

Google started testing a Preview redesign of Google Contacts' web interface back in March of 2015. At the time, you could access it by going to and it looked nicer than the old Gmail-like Contacts page. As time passed, Material Design evolved even further and that redesign itself was getting stale. A slightly updated version was rolled out to G Suite users in March of 2016, but the biggest redesign is happening now and it's affecting everyone.

If you head over to, no /preview at the end, you will see a brand new Contacts interface that takes the Material redesign to a new level.

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Snapchat 10 beta redesigns the interface with more accessible search and less focus on Discover

Snapchat is readying an update for its Android and iOS versions that brings a new interface with plenty of usability improvements and a few added features. The update is now rolling out to beta testers on Android so you can give it a go before it goes live for everyone — and thus feel cooler than the cool kids, I guess. Just don't use the word "thus" when you tell them that.

The new interface is more colorful with a blue title bar for chats and a purple one for stories. The Stories section also loses the Discover strip from the top. It now goes on the bottom instead, letting you focus first on the recent story updates from your friends.

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